Tips for first time backpackers

Traveling has always been a popular pastime. Over recent years, it certainly has become more and more popular because it is now easier for people to travel all over the world cheaply and efficiently.  People can now take an airplane and get to almost anywhere in the entire world.

As a result of this increased accessibility to various areas of the world, there are many different kinds of travel choices. One of the more popular kinds of traveling these days is backpacking. Many people love backpacking as a way of getting about.

For those who have never backpacked before, there are some things that need to be kept in mind that are quite specific to this kind of traveling adventure. Here is a guide to follow when you’re about to go backpacking for the first time.


Planning a trip
Planning a trip

First of all, you should put some time into researching various aspects of backpacking.  Be sure to read at least one book about backpacking basics and get some knowledge of how to do first aid so that you will know what to do if anything were to happen while backpacking. There are also courses that you can take or certain websites where you can acquire more knowledge about specific things regarding backpacking as a form of travel.

Get into shape

If you are going backpacking in the near future, then you should be sure to get into shape, because you are going to need to carry a heavy backpack while moving around a lot. You are going to want to know what your body can handle, where your limits are, because if you are not physically fit enough you are not going to have a good time, and you could hurt yourself or fall ill.

If you are not in great shape, that is definitely something that you should consider changing. You can start training by getting more active and choosing an activity that is fun for you and helps you stay in good shape.

Stretching exercises

It is not only important to get into shape, you should also perform stretching exercises so that your body is in generally good condition, and not just in terms of strength. Being in good, all-around shape is so important in being able to hike long distances carrying a heavy backpack. It’s hard to have fun if not in the proper shape, mentally as well as physically.

Common sense

Taking a break
Taking a break

One of the most important things about backpacking is something that is easily overlooked because it is so simple and so basic, and that is common sense. You’re going to have to think smartly, and this does not mean you have to be a genius, but you are going to want to be sure to follow some basic common sense while backpacking.

Plan ahead


One aspect of common sense in backpacking is planning ahead. You should be sure to have a plan, not only of where you are going but what you to bring and what type of shape you will need to be in before heading out backpacking.

Tell people

It is also important that you tell others about your plans. You do not want to be the only person who is aware of where you are heading or the route you’re taking in getting there,  just in case there is any kind of emergency where you might need help.

Know your body

You should really be in tune with your body; that is something that needs to happen on many levels. Know when to turn around or when to go forward, or when to stop. You need to know when the elements outside are too much for you; if it could potentially cause harm to you, then you should definitely turn around. If your body is feeling as though it cannot go on and you do not feel well, then you need to stop.

A person should also look out for the onset of hypothermia or hypothermia. When you are outside backpacking in nature with all of the elements around you, you have to know what could happen to you as a result and how to keep yourself safe. With these two problems, your body is going to show very clear signs, and you should definitely be aware of what those are, and what to look out for before you head out on your backpacking trip.

Backpacking can be a great thing for people to do but it is just important that they are well prepared, so that it can be the best time possible.

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