Tips for a budget-friendly vacation

Watching travel shows can often be inspiring and give you an itch to head out of town and onto an adventure. But if you find your wallet lighter than you would like, all hope is not lost. You can still get out and have an adventure of a lifetime even when your funds are running low. Here are some good ideas.

1. Go Camping

There really isn’t much that is cheaper out there than going camping. It will get you outside, a change of scenery, and give you a much-needed break from the daily grind. But it is also cheap. The most costly part of camping is purchasing the gear, but unless you have to, you don’t need to go out and buy every little thing. You can always borrow gear from a camping friend or family member who has it to spare. Or you can look for second-hand items.

Some less enthusiastic campers may not have used their gear much at all, giving you a bargain for things that could have otherwise cost you quite a lot. Think about it: you are sleeping outside and you bring your own food. It will allow you to budget sleeping expenses and meals since there will not be any dining out.

2. Travel Off-Season

Traveling during the most popular times of year will not only make things cost more, but can make things harder. There are fewer hotel rooms, fewer campsites, and fewer flights available during the high season. Gas prices are also normally higher during the popular travel times, making a road trip cost more than it would have if you had traveled in an off-season. This does require you to plan your trip rather than be spontaneous; however, it is worth it in the end if you can enjoy yourself more by stretching your budget to go further.

3. Travel as a Group

Traveling alone or as a couple may be what you are used to doing, but consider traveling with a group of friends. Vacation rentals in a group are more cost effective than trying to book a hotel or rental solo. Each person that you add in will cut down your individual portion. Looking at Airbnb or can provide you with some housing options that can accommodate your party and your needs while saving you from some extra costs in the end.

4. Look for All-inclusive Deals

Resorts in Mexico often have an all-inclusive option, which will dramatically reduce the cost of travel. All-inclusive means that your meals, drinks, and hotel room are bundled together as part of the deal. Most of the hotels included in these deals have other perks, like snorkeling, hiking, and swimming, making it easy to want to be there. You are not stuck at the resort, however, if you would like to explore out and try meals elsewhere. Some hotels also are sister hotels where your all-inclusive band from your hotel may get you perks elsewhere as well. They can pack a lot of fun in these deals.

5. Plan a Day Trip

If funds are especially tight, you do not have to stay overnight to still get that vacation feeling. Why not tour your own city or area and take in the spots you often ignore? You can take yourself for a spa day as well, giving you a wonderful treat while not costing you funds for travel.

Regardless of what your budget is, there is always some kind of fun to be had out there if you look. Even just sitting at the park in your hometown can provide some mental relief. Turn off your computer and get out there.

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