Tips For Star Gazing

Night Sky with Stars and soft Milky Way Universe as Background or Texture
Night Sky with Stars and soft Milky Way Universe as Background or Texture

Stargazing is one of the best outdoor activities that can be practiced anywhere in the world by people of any age. As an urban dweller, you have the same access to the sky as any other person. Stargazing has been said to be a magical activity which can capture its participants imagination, but you need to know how to observe this magic.

A lot of people stare listlessly at the sky and get bored after a while, but the problem is these people are not staring the right way. This article will introduce you to the magical world of stargazing and also give you few tips on the best way to stargaze.

Most people don’t know how to star gaze the right way.
Most people don’t know how to star gaze the right way.

Let’s get started, shall we?


There are some beautiful moments that are best shared with loved ones, and one of them is while stargazing. Stargazing is not just about blinking at the sky or making a wish to the stars, it is about having a beautiful and peaceful time with the sky and stars. The truth is you don’t need to be an astronomer before you can have a nice time out with the sky; all you need is to follow the tips below.

Find The Perfect Spot 

The best spot for stargazing is not just anywhere you can lay your blanket and look up. You not only need to look for a place with wide open sky to enjoy the best of the night, but you also need to look for a place *closer* to the sky. No, you don’t need to build the Tower of Babel or anything like that, but you do need to go higher to a place where no building or trees or anything like that will obstruct your view and where there is no light pollution.

Wait For The Perfect Season

It is worth noting that stargazing is an all season activity as long as you have a clear sky but the best season has been said to be winter because of its longer night and low humidity. Although it is the coldest season of the year, it’s also all the more reason to cuddle under a beautiful blanket of stars, right?

Weather Is Important 

First for your safety and second a better stargazing, you might have to listen and adhere to the weather report’s instructions. A cloudy night will surely ruin your view of the sky while a snowy night might ruin your health.

Be Well Equipped 

There are some needed equipment that will make your stargazing more enjoyable and perfect. They include astronomy applications like starwalk, google sky map, exoplanet, skyview, skeye astronomy, nightly star charts and so many more. The apps w you should install on your phone will give a pictorial explanation of what you are gazing at, as they can explain constellations, planets and the moon. You’ll just get more intimate with the sky.

Practice star gazing without a telescope first.
Practice star gazing without a telescope first.

The nightly charts also help you know your sky and what to expect when you go stargazing. What you do not need, however, is a telescope. As a new stargazer, a telescope shouldn’t be your most important piece of equipment. Instead, lie under the stars and enjoy the magical moment before staring through equipment.

Introduce Your Eyes To The Night Sky 

You might need to help your eyes make friends with the dark. The human eyes can easily adjust to light, but it also takes a bit longer to adjust to darkness. Have it in your mind that the best place to enjoy stargazing is in a dark place without light pollution.

It might take up to thirty minutes before your eyes get used to the dark. Relax and let your eyes adjust because as soon as it does, the magic begins!

See With Your Imagination 

Gazing up the sky guided by applications and charts is good, but seeing with your mind is better. You can just lie under the magical sky and literally communicate with the sky. Give the constellations names, create characters for them, make a community out of the sky, and weave a magical story around the stars. This is indeed the most magical and beautiful way to enjoy your stargazing, to be honest.

Stargazing is suitable for anyone, and at anytime and anywhere. This is a magical experience that you don’t want to pass up. Why don’t you get equipped and head out with your friends this night?


nick-oetken is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival