Toddler lost in wilderness for days rescued by heroic puppy

Doug Williams

Being lost in the wilderness is certainly one of the more frightening experiences someone can experience. There is a sense of hopelessness, that maybe you will never make it out alive. In addition, if it is an area that most people are unfamiliar with, which often is the case when a person gets lost, then it can be extremely overwhelming.

A lot of wilderness look alike, and often there are almost no marks left behind by any human so that someone can use to find a way back to safety. What is even scarier is when the lost person in question is a toddler, who already has little idea of what to do on their own without the help and protection of their parents.

Well, that is exactly what happened in a small village thousands of miles east of Moscow. A three-year-old boy was at his grandmother’s house when he wandered away from sight while playing with the dog and two new puppies. The child wandered off and managed to get lost in the cold Russian wilderness for three days.


The small boy survived by eating a chocolate bar that he had in his pocket, and he slept under large trees as a means of shelter. It is truly amazing for a child so young to have that survival instinct to try and protect himself from the elements and save himself from starvation.


At night, as is usual in this area of Russia, the temperatures were freezing, and the child did not have a jacket. The area in which the child was lost in is also known to house wolves and bears.

Once the grandmother realized that the child had wandered off and was now missing a search party of more than one hundred people and a helicopter were tasked with looking for the boy.

After three whole days, people began to worry that they would not be able to find him and that he would not make it out of the Russian wilderness alive. Luckily, after what seemed hopeless, the family dogs were able to help find his location.

While the rescuers were looking for the child and fearing that they would not be able to find him before he succumbed to the elements or the wildlife out in the Russian wilderness, the dogs were on the move and found him.


Nobody in the rescue party was paying much attention to the dogs because they were completely and totally immersed in the task of finding the boy before it was too late.

So once the dogs did find the boy they each left one by one to go and alert the rescue party that was searching elsewhere. Finally one of the puppies led the rescue party to a place close to the little boy. When the rescuers called out the child’s name, he responded.

This is truly a case of dog being man’s best friend, not that anyone can doubt how much loyalty and love a dog can have for its owners.


In this case, the dogs saved the small boy’s life by having the ability to find the child and then alert the rescue party to secure his rescue.

Dogs really are amazing animals that will always be there for their masters, and because they have excellent tracking skills they are often used to help find those that are lost.

The governor of the small village wrote a statement on his Facebook page about the child being lost. Later he reported that the first thing that the child asked for once he saw the rescuers and realized that he was going to be able to make it home safely was his toy car.

The boy saw doctors who cleared him and said that he was healthy and doing well despite being lost in the freezing Russian wilderness for three whole days with no jacket and just a chocolate bar to eat.

The governor even went so far as to jokingly compare the small child who was lost and amazingly found to the child in the classic Disney movie Jungle Book. The governor also stated that the child should also join the emergency services task force, as he would make an amazing member of the rescue crew with his astonishing survival skills.

This is truly an amazing feat because the three-year-old managed to survive and stay healthy while being lost in the freezing cold temperatures of the Russian wilderness. A feat that most adults might not accomplish as well as this little boy did.




fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival