The Top brews to take outdoors with you

By Marion Fernandez
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The Top brews to take outdoors with you

Marion Fernandez

Beer is one of the great pleasures of adult camping. Moving beyond the delicious s’mores of childhood, a beer is the perfect beverage to settle down by the campfire with. But not all beers are created equal. Here are the beers that you absolutely must try on your next camping trip.

1. Alaskan Winter Ale

The catch with this delicious brew is that it is a seasonal release. You are less likely to be able to find it in the summer, though it is not impossible. This English-styled ale is brewed with spruce tips, letting you really immerse yourself in nature both inside and out. Stock up on it when it is in season. You won’t regret it.

2. Fremont Summer Ale

A growler of beer. Author – Sarah McD – CC BY 2.0
A growler of beer. Author – Sarah McD – CC BY 2.0

On the flipside, you have the Fremont Summer Ale, giving you a taste of summer with its Amarillo hops. The hops leave you with a tangerine aftertaste, making you wonder if you just drank summer itself. Because of its lighter nature, this is also a great choice for backpacking.

3. Golden Road Brewing Heal the Bay IPA

Brewed in LA itself, Heal the Bay is a citrus IPA that manages to be both fruity and dry at the same time. It is an excellent choice for the heat of summer, giving you a great refreshment after a long day of camping or hiking.

4. Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Also hailing from the State of California, the Summerfest is meant to be enjoyed with any of your summer outdoor activities. Whether you are out camping or fishing, Summerfest makes a great beer companion. The pilsner-style is a great alternative to the lighter IPA.

5. Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Take some time to enjoy the satisfaction of relaxing with a good beer back at camp after a long day exploring
Take some time to enjoy the satisfaction of relaxing with a good beer back at camp after a long day exploring

Darker and heavier than the others on the list, the Hazelnut Brown Nectar maintains its nutty flavoring with an almost coffee-like aroma, perfect for giving you a little extra warmth on an especially chilly night. It is a Munich-styled malt that will leave a smile on your face.

6. New Belgium Fat Tire

What is great about this beer is that it really can go with any occasion. It is usually easy for most beer drinkers to enjoy, as it is neither an IPA nor a stout, but instead a nice middle amber. It works by the campfire, out on the trail, or even at your own backyard barbecue. It is as flexible as beers can get.

7. Terrapin Beer Company Recreation Ale

A refreshing drink for a hot and sticky day, this session ale is brewed in Georgia. Combining five types of hops with three types of malts, the flavor is unique and delicious. Recreation Ale combines the light, fruity flavors of citrus with a unique pine taste, making it really appropriate for camping.

8. Southern Prohibition Brewing Devil’s Harvest Extra Pale Ale

Time to turn in after a hearty dinner and an interesting ale
Time to turn in after a hearty dinner and an interesting ale

For the pale ale lovers, the Devil’s Harvest combines the taste of pine with the taste of hops, definitely telling you that this is a beer that has to be enjoyed outside.

9. Ballast Point Victory at Sea

If you are really looking to replace the s’mores at your campout, this beer is the perfect substitute. A coffee porter infused with vanilla, you could also choose to drink this imperial porter for breakfast. Either way, it is an excellent choice to take with you on your next camping trip.

10. Founders Brewing All Day IPA

Now if you have been looking for a beer that you can enjoy any time of day, you need to look no further than the Founders All Day. This IPA is made with a variety of malts, making it easy to drink like a light beer, while still giving you the craft beer taste.

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