Top 10 Tasty Camping Foods

Going on a camping trip with your family or friends is the best thing you can do on free weekends, seriously it is and if you’ve not done it get on and do it! We’re out next weekend and we’re going to be eating some of this stuff, it works so why not use it.

Apart from packing clothes, fun toys, sports gear and all that, it’s fair to say that preparing for your meals is one of the most important things you need to do before going camping.

Since we know that it’s often hard to figure out what to prepare for eating we have made a list of food and meals you can prepare on a camping trip that’s tasty, fresh, and will entertain and feed your friends and family members.


1. Treats

One of the best things about going on a camping trip is to sit around the fire and just hang out with a beer and some snacks. Prepare few different snacks and just share them with your family and friends while chatting around the campfire, it’s where memories are made!


2. Beans

Different types of beans are always an option when preparing food for camping trips since they stay fresh and they’re really easy to store and prepare, you just soak them overnight in water and then cook or get them on to boil for a good while, and they’re good to go. They’re great with a  sauce and in quesadillas with some salsa and cheese.


3. Veggies

Being outside in nature means that you can put aside the meats and cook some meals that are vegetarian, fresh and healthy.  Vegetables can be cooked on the BBQ, over the flames or in the pot and they go very well with the bean you’ve got as well.


4. Festival pie

Prepare a large festival pie, put it in a cool box and take it with you on your next trip. You can feed a lot of people with it, and you can serve it with many types of meals, and you can make it in different ways, like lamb pie or pork pie.  It’s great because it can be served cold and still tastes great.


5. Sauces

Bring different types of sauces with you; they’re great for preparing a quick and easy lunch like pasta. With various kinds of sauces you can make a lot of different meals that taste great. You can even prepare a homemade pesto, which will be excellent with your freshly cooked pasta and veg.


6. Easy meals

If you are limited by the number of pots and pans you have or the number of burners you have for cooking on, you can prepare one-pot meals that are easy and fast to cook, like pasta, potatoes, soups, and many others. You can eat the meals with a warm bread that you would warm on the campfire, unleavened bread is great for this.


7. Heat-up meals

After getting your tent and other gear all set up you might not have much time to prepare a meal. Overcome this by making a meal at home that you just need to heat up, and it’s ready to eat. Things like meatballs with tomato sauce with to pasta work really well.


8. Barbecue

Prepare some homemade relishes and add them to your burgers, ribs, and sausages which you will cook on the campfire. Your friends and family members will love the smell and taste of freshly cooked barbecue.


9. Sweets

Keeping your children happy and calm it’s a hard job when going on a trip in nature. Prepare different types of cakes, like lemon drizzle, ginger cake, brownies, and many other sweet treats that will keep everyone happy.  Be mindful though that kid especially will gobble all the treats so make sure they’re safe!


10. Hot chocolate

Your children will love you if you make them a fresh cup of hot chocolate before going to sleep, and it will slow them down after running in nature the whole day. Hey,

Hope that this was helpful and that you’ll have a great trip the next time you go on a camping trip with your friends and family.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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