Top Everyday Items That Can Be Effectively Used for Self Defense

Criminal with knife weapon threatening woman and child in underpass crime
Criminal with knife weapon threatening woman and child in underpass crime

If you are the type of person who likes to go alone on camping trips, there is a higher risk of you getting attacked than if you were in a crowded area. This is because most of the time, you would be in a remote location far from quick access to people. For this reason alone, there has never been a better time to learn ways to protect yourself.

The best ways to learn how to protect yourself are to go to classes, read tutorials, or watch self-defense videos. However, some of these methods are harder to understand than others, and several tutorials are quite expensive.

The good news here is that your everyday items can serve as formidable weapons when the occasion demands. We are going to discuss the most common ones here:


Almost all of us carry a smartphone or another handheld device. Your cell phone can be a significant weapon if a person is becoming too aggressive. You want the phone to be firm in the palm of your hand. Rest the corner of it against your palm to keep it from moving. If a person approaches you, give them a good blow to the throat or face.

Your smartphone can be an excellent defensive tool
Your smartphone can be an excellent defensive tool

The hard piece of plastic will not feel good when you hit their esophagus or Adam’s apple. If you can get used to holding your phone in this way, then you will always have a defensive weapon in the palm of your hand.


Keys to a car, keys to a house, or any other keys are very useful for self-defense. It is likely that you always have a set of keys near or in your pocket. If you are in a situation where you think you are about to be robbed, beaten, or killed, what is one way to prevent this from happening? The use of a set of keys will allow you to exit from the situation.

Place your keys in between your fingers and then lash out with punches
Place your keys in between your fingers and then lash out with punches

Place your keys in your hand with the sharpest side out and then hit the attacker on any soft tissue – this may be the eyes, the throat, or even the temple. As soon as you have done so, you should have given yourself enough time to escape the situation.


Most of us carry pens every day. Using the pointy end of a ballpoint pen to hit an attacker in a soft spot is also an effective way to avoid problems. In the case of having to fight against an unexpected attacker, a pen is one of the most likely implements that you will have on you.

While a ballpoint pen will not pierce the skin without a push behind it, it can still have maximum effect on soft spots such as the eyes, neck, groin, or armpits. Some of these injuries can endanger life or sight; the rest will hurt enough for the attacker to run away and leave you alone.

Bottled Water, Perfume, and Pepper Spray

Bottled water can seem like a stupid idea for a self-defense object. However, if you think about the weight of a filled water bottle and think about hitting one against the side of an attacker’s head, then you will have a deadly weapon.

Wait, you can use bottled water for defense?
Wait, you can use bottled water for defense?

Ideally, pepper spray is the best defense, but if you do not have some with you, spray your perfume on the eyes and nose of the attacker. A strong smell can leave the attacker in shock, and you can take this opportunity to escape or call the police.


All travelers have experienced the dreaded accumulation of loose coins, but this change could be a critical factor in getting away from an attacker. The main objective of fighting an attack is to escape. If you can distract your aggressor and flee without having to fight, then do it!

Throwing coins into a person’s face is a great distraction and, depending on the force with which they are thrown, they could even be used as a good weapon. The eyes are a sensitive area, and our soft eyelids are not much defense against hard metal coins. Now that the attacker is distracted and, hopefully, a little hurt, you can run for help.

All of the above techniques are suitable and quick ways to solve problems associated with your safety while camping. The key to any self-defense tactic is to be aware of your environment and to be prepared to face an unsafe situation. Keep a confident posture while walking alone and be mentally ready to attack if something happens – instead of letting fear take over. Your mind is the best self-defense tool you have! All these options could be amazing if the situation calls for it.


nick-oetken is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival