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More and more the world is turning to App’s for everything, the internet information age is killing off some good old pastimes like picking up a book to get some information rather than go straight into google.  Here at Outdoor Revival HQ we’re as guilty as the next man, although we do read a lot of books for work and pleasure and I hanker after rading more nice physical in your hand books, maybe these will fit the bill.

Geoff Moore tells us about a couple of Travel writers that are taking to print rather than jumping on the App store…

Whilst travelling today you are most likely to refer to phone app for details about the destination you are at or about to visit.


Perhaps then resorting back to the printed word and images would seem to be a backward step or is it?

Veronika Blomgren and photographer Nikola Kostic.
Veronika Blomgren and photographer Nikola Kostic.

If it has quality information and creative images plus small enough to pop into any travel bag or purse then it’s really worth considering.

This new concept brought to print by travel writer Veronika Blomgren and photographer Nikola Kostic who have started to produce a collection of classy and compact guide and information books, which buck the app trend!

Hong Kong
Illustration from the Define Fine Hong Kong book.

A random meeting on the road with these two in Bali kicked off this print project, which now runs to 11 destinations with more to come.

They founded Define Fine publishing house in 2015 – an enterprise that allows them to perfectly combine their lust for travel with their love of books plus their passion for all things beautiful.So far the books are about Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Stockholm, Moscow, St. Petersburg and further afield Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Buenos Aires, Sydney and lastly Melbourne.


Veronika moved to Bali from Moscow in 2008 where she had been working as a designer and in the Far East she met travel and food photographer Nikola. Bali became a catalyst for their creativity.

Illustrations by photographer Nikola Kostic.
Illustrations by photographer Nikola Kostic.

Their travel experiences and design styles came together as they toured Indonesia and later the world ticking off some very exciting and interesting cities as they went.

These beautifully produced books are filled with great images as Nikola wanted to point out. He says, “In our journeys, we are looking for the soul of the cities we visit. We listen to the drums of each city’s heartbeat, to the flutes of it’s streets and we hear the symphony that each city is playing. The places we choose are essential instruments in this orchestra.”


Photographer Nikola Kostic captured this hotel room.
Photographer Nikola Kostic captured this hotel room.

Veronika added, “We believe in the inspiration of individuality, the bright light of diversity, the magic in endless possibilities from the seed of a great idea and want to share this with the world.”

The soft, black leather bound books are perfect companions for when travelling. Ideal also, for leaving for others to enjoy around your coffee table when back at home, they cost around £20 each.

The books can also grow into a luxury travel compendium for those who appreciate those old fashioned values of print. But also who love the art, the design and efforts of these current contemporary travellers.

Veronika and Nikola have chosen to record their journey’s jottings in something as tradition and tactile as the printed book.

You can read more about the Define Fine books here.

The book lives…long live the book!

Source – Thanks to Geoff Moore :: Travel photographer, writer and blogger Geoff Moore has been a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for 10 years and has traveled the world for over 30 years.

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