Ultra Tough Bike Lock Made From Textiles But As Tough As Steel

We’re looking forward to getting out on our bikes, there’s a trip happening next week in France through to Spain and then there’s some UK based cycling on the cards as well as well as some plans to get into the National Parks later in the year.  Anyway, at the moment we’re thinking quite a bit about bikes and trips, so along with that comes thoughts of security, how are we going to keep $2000 of bikes secure?

We usually use standard locks but we’ve been on the lookout for something a bit different, particularly something that’s easier to use and more versatile.  This lock from Suse Brand looks just the thing, it’s engineered by the Germans so you know it’s going to be well made.

Here’s some more information from their Kickstarter Community page.


Tex—lock is an innovative textile-based lock, composed of high-tech materials, making it secure, flexible and lightweight.

What about its resilience? Tex—lock is a textile-based lock, which is as secure as steel. We developed texlock to protect your beloved bike, accessories, and outdoor equipment against theft.

A test using a bolt cutter demonstrates the resilience of the rope. While common steel products give up fast, tex-lock withstands the attack. Even the use of ice-spray doesn’t help the potential thief. The colder it gets, the higher the cutting resistance of the fibers becomes.

Modern leisure equipment continues to evolve into lighter and higher quality variations. Necessary anti-theft devices are continually produced with steel. Most bike locks are rigid, cumbersome and heavy.

Weight comparison of steel chain / steel cable / tex—lock rope


The rope itself weights no more than 350 g per meter. Plus eyelets and padlock, we are well below 1kg. See the comparison of common materials – steel cable and chain.


The rope offers a completely new look, touch & feel. It is very comfortable to handle and flexible enough to fit easily into your pocket, bag or cycling jersey.

It prevents scratches and rattling due to its gentle construction.

The lock is offered in different designs and components, accentuating each biker’s individual style.

Every tex—lock features a water & dirt repellant outer layer that also adds color or patterns. The patented multilayer construction has been developed over the last 2,5 years. Each layer is made of different high-tech fibre material and each material adds its own special property, like resistence to fire, cutting or striking.

We developed tex–lock to protect your beloved bike, accessories and outdoor equipment against theft. How about taking the lock off your bike and bring it with you to secure your water sport or other heavy equipment? We are planning additional variants for outdoor activities, boats and industrial applications with various security levels and locking mechanisms. Tex-lock opens up a multitude of possibilities.


In the future, tex-lock will become smart. During the production process we are able to braid conductive fibers into the rope, opening the door to smart functions like alarms or motion sensors.


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