Using Super Glue to Close Cuts

top left – Liquid Bandage,
top right – Super Glue and bottom – Dermabond
top left – Liquid Bandage, top right – Super Glue and bottom – Dermabond

Super Glue and it’s surgical cousin Dermabond are ideal for fixing minor cuts. Dermabond is considerably more expensive than Super Glue because it contains solvents that are less toxic to skin and is sterile.

Both work equally well, but some people have a reaction to the Cyanoacrylate in the glue. The cut has to be a clean–cut with no ragged edges. The skin has to be cleansed and bleeding has to be stopped before applying, otherwise, the glue is washed from the wound.

To apply:

With clean hands or a clean towel, wash the area of the cut with cold water and soap. Dry with a clean towel. Make sure the site is completely dry.


The glue should NOT be placed inside the wound but on TOP of the skin, where the cut comes together.

Create a seal by bringing the cut together with your fingers, but do not squeeze the cut together.

Apply the liquid bandage over the TOP of the cut. Spread it from one end of the cut to the other, covering the cut completely.

Hold the cut together for about a minute to give the adhesive enough time to dry.

Keep the site as dry as possible. It is OK to bathe after the liquid adhesive has dried, but excessive moisture can loosen the bond.


It is okay to wash the site with soap and water daily to keep the area clean and prevent infection.


wound closed with Dermabond
wound closed with Dermabond

Do NOT use any other ointments on the site of the cut. This will weaken the bond and slow the healing process.


Do NOT scratch or scrub the site. This will remove the glue.


Thanks to James Manderville for this survival tip.  Jame is an ex-Army survival instructor and runs the popular survival website site Survival Expert.

He has many years experience in difficult terrain, notably the Amazon, the African bush and climbing in various mountain regions including the Drakensburg Mountains and the Andes.


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