Want Better Pictures and Video – Snoppa M1: Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphones for many are becoming the camera of choice to take shots when you’re out and about or just to save weight when you’re off adventuring. This has become possible as manufacturers have regularly upgraded smartphone cameras to a high enough quality that now, in many situations a camera phone is good enough, especially for posting on social media.

Because of this huge market has arisen, a market that supplies products to make using your phone for photography and video easier, in a way it started with the humble selfie stick but now it’s gone way beyond that.

This smartphone gimbal on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo is an excellent example of how a new era of photographers and videographers are being catered for.


Snoppa M1: Innovative 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Eliminate camera shake with vibration-free stabilizer for smartphones

The Snoppa M1 is the world’s most advanced three-axis gimbal, which allows anyone to shoot stunning professional-looking films from their smartphone. With its intelligent three-axis system, sleek compact design and multi-mode shooting functionality, anyone can be a videographer.

Professional quality video at an affordable price
Say goodbye to shaky or blurry video footage with a pioneering new smartphone gimbal.


Anyone with a smartphone is now a videographer and photographer, and sharing creations on social media is now second-nature.


However, shooting stable videos or photos with handheld smartphones is almost impossible.

The Snoppa M1 with its 3-axis stabilizer was created to solve this issue and give any smartphone user the ability to master cinematography at an affordable cost, instead of investing in expensive professional filming equipment.

We hope everyone can enjoy the fun of creating smartphone photography and videography with ease.

Intelligent 3-Axis System
Snoppa M1 is the world’s first 3-axis smartphone gimbal to work without motor arms or extra weights.


Super Fast Setup
Snoppa M1’s intelligent design makes it compatible with any smartphone easily and the most stable gimbal for smartphone shooting.

Regardless of the phone model and size, the Snoppa M1 can be mounted within seconds. Simply attach the smartphone to the clip in the center of the device to film from all angles.


Foldable and Easy to Carry
Traditional stabilizers are not designed to be folded and are therefore troublesome to carry around. The Snoppa M1 can easily be folded and packed away for filmmakers on the go.

There’s a lot more information on their funding page so it’s well worth a read.
The Snoppa M1 starts at $79 (the $59 offer has already been used up) and you can buy 5 of them for $349. The retail price is going to be higher than this so it’s worth getting it early and supporting the projet.


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