The Water Bottle That Fills Itself – Effortless Water Collection On the Move

One of the guys from Outdoor Revival HQ is currently on a 700 mile bike tour, I bet he’d love to have one of these with him!

An Industrial Designer from Austria has invented a gizmo which condenses humid air and collects drinking water in a container as you ride your bike.


Kristof Retezárhas has designed and manufactured a system called Fontus. Originally this design was placed among the finalists at the 2014 James Dyson Awards. This ceremony celebrates inventions by university students with the aim to inspire future designers and engineers.


This clever item can ensure you will have a drink at the end of your ride. You will not have to be searching for a shop or water fountain.


If you’re an adventurer, you know the anxiety that comes with running out of water in the middle of a Tour. The last thing you want is dehydration when you’re miles away from home. Fontus will set your mind at ease!

There’s two main products in the range, one to go on a bike and one to go on pack and be carried yourself, or left out on the deck, or a rock!

Here’s some info from Fontus themselves.


Will save you trouble, weight and might even save your life. Whether you are hiking in the mountains, camping by the forest or preparing for a survival trip in the desert, AIRO will always guarantee you a safe and smooth adventure.



Is the self-filling water bottle for your bicycle. Harvest water while you are on your bike tour and stay regularly hydrated! This bottle uses the airstream you create while riding in order to support the cooler which helps to condense water from the air.

Harvesting water from the air is a method that has been practiced for more than 2000 years. The earth’s atmosphere consistently contains around 13.000 km3 of mostly unexploited freshwater. The Fontus project was an attempt to discover these resources.

Fontus was invented to bring an alternative way of collecting safe drinking water to regions where drought and unclean water are a big issue. Bikes, as the most widespread means of transportation in the world, especially in developing countries, seems to be the perfect vehicle to combine with invention.

Fontus Ryde and Airo might be a clever way of acquiring freshwater in regions of the world where groundwater is scarce, but air humidity is high. They could work as a mobile water well, for example, providing a child with water for the day while riding to school.


Moreover, these, self-filling bottles free travelers and adventurers from the burden of water provision during a tour. We worked together with professional extream athletes and were able to identify two basic problems that people who spend time in nature are arduously confronted with:

A hiker must either plan his route in a way that he always finds fresh water sources or, he must pack his backpack very heavily in order to have enough water for the whole journey.

Food in comparison is much lighter, if well chosen, because you can compress it. But water weighs what it weighs, and you have no choice.

These problems are a great restriction for hikers, and our main goal became to find a solution that would give adventures the freedom to go wherever they want!

After one hour the Fontus will have produced half a liter of water in ideal conditions which is when the temperatures are between 86 and 104 degrees, 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and 80 to 90 percent humidity. The price of a Fontus could cost less than $100, which is a bargain.


You can seem more about this product here on the FONTUS website

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