We Have All Forgotten Stuff – So The Ten Essential Camping Items

Photo credit: Mirdsson2
Photo credit: Mirdsson2

Camping is the best way to spend time outdoors and spend some valuable time with family and friends.  Most people have a list of items that must be taken at all times. Here are the top ten items to take camping with you:

The Tent

At the top of the list is the humble but all-important tent.  This portable shelter will protect you from the elements and give you somewhere nice to sleep as well.  They come in various sizes, prices, materials, and colors.  There will be one to suit everyone, from the beginner camper by the lake to the seasoned mountain climber on a freezing ledge.  Do your research and shop around.


It’s not surprising that this is on the list.  There are hundreds of outdoor recipes online and in books for anyone to try.  Dehydrated food has improved significantly over the years and this is a good low-weight option.  Sometimes you can catch your own dinner and prepare it the same day.  Explore your options and try things you have never dared to try before.

Sleeping Bag

We all sleep better when snug and cozy.  Sleeping bags come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and weights for different seasons.  If you enjoy camping, get adventurous and get an all-season sleeping bag so you can try camping in the off-seasons too.


Without good water, camping would be no fun at all.  We need a clean source to drink, so think about where you will get your water from and how you are going to collect it.  Camping also means washing dishes, clothes, and ourselves.  Take sterilization tablets and boil your water before drinking it.  Make sure you have containers that are for drinking water only.

First Aid Kit

You can buy these or make your own.  They come in a range of sizes and prices.  Think about what you would need more of and pack extras.  If you are taking children, that will mean a ton of band-aids.  There are plenty of lists online to help you put together a first aid kit if you aren’t sure how.

Camp Stoves

These cook food a lot easier than an open fire.  Make sure you have plenty of fuel for them. Also, using a stove will mean your pots and pans won’t need so much scrubbing to remove soot.

Rain Gear

The weather is a fickle thing, and wet weather can catch you by surprise.  Take some wet weather gear for dashing around in the rain.  Also, pack extra clothing just in case you get drenched.  Children dancing in the rain won’t be harmed, but make sure they get warm and dry afterward.


A pocket knife or a good sturdy hunting knife is good to have.  It will come in handy for filleting fish, setting up camp, whittling, and opening cans, if you forgot the, can opener.


These aren’t very expensive, and for anyone who has taken children on camping trips, they are a life saver at night when a bathroom is needed.   Some of them use the same fuel as your stoves, and they cast a nice steady light.


Just like the lantern, a flashlight is a great help in the dark.  There are more sizes and kinds than you can imagine.  Make sure you pack extra batteries and try and get a good quality light that doesn’t use up battery power too quickly.  These are a good thing to have tucked into every backpack for those hikes.  Some even have a flashing function for when you are lost and need to signal for help.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival