Wilderness Exploring Cat and Dog – Best Buddies And A Pet Human

Doug Williams

Many people say that cats and dogs don’t get along. You see this in cartoons, in movies, and in books – cats and dogs with grudges against each other, chasing each other with lots of spitting and snarling.

The reality is that cats and dogs can and do get along. It is quite common that if you raise them together, they will form a bond, a bit like human siblings.

This dog and cat are very cute and they are a popular online pair. Jessie, a caramel colored Australian Labradoodle, and Koda, a small gray tabby rescue kitten. They own a lovely human called Emily Aubrecht, who lives with them in Alberta, Canada where they have plenty of room to roam. She is the key to their many adventures in the wilderness, what a nice human!


She helps them with their adventures out in the wild even though Koda expresses his disgust at times because of the special harness he has to wear, Emily still takes them out and about in spite of this.

Koda is still small and is able to hitch a ride in Jessie’s special backpack, which is a must for all adventuring pets so they can carry their own water and snacks (and kittens!).

Koda was rescued from a farm that had too many cats and has since made sure that Jessie is never bored. Even though Koda isn’t as keen on water as Jessie, he still hangs around and frolics on the bank while Jessie plays in the water, and if he is lucky he hitches a ride on Jessie’s back.

Jessie is very energetic and enjoys her trips out and about and will happily go hiking with Koda. The pair seemed to adopt each other from the moment they laid eyes on one another.

They are often found playing or sleeping together. When not romping around they both love going for drives, this is where having a tame human comes into it’s own. The pet shop and the local river are favorite choices.


You can follow this unlikely pair via their Instagram account which you can find here.


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