World’s most luxurious commercial jet set to operate from next year

We have certainly moved from the days when air travel was classed as just regular public transport. Many airlines are now competing in providing best possible service to their customers, and this competition is at its fiercest when it comes to luxury air travel.

Despite the fact that nearly all airlines have a business class and first class to cater the needs of those who can afford the high life, new companies are emerging with exclusive luxury services for the richest and the most privileged.

An American based travel company Crystal has unveiled the world’s most luxurious commercial jet with tickets starting from a whopping $50k (£38k). The ride is worth the money as the passengers are to be treated to a five-star standards, offering on-board professional butlers and a Michelin Star menu. There is enough time to book for those who can afford the luxury as the flight is set to operate from autumn next year.



The company is boasting an enormously spacious dining area with expensive leather chairs, fine crystal glassware, and porcelain; the flying five-star restaurant if you will. If you have the money for it, you must try it.

The plane itself is designed to match the ambiance with a row of porthole-style beautifully crafted windows and a gentle curved ceiling. The announcement has caused a considerable stir among the business classes as the US-based company promises the five-star treatment and the ticket price starts from $50,000 for a 14-day hop-on-hop-off travel on the palatial plane.

The interior of the plane is exquisite beyond words with a total of 84 large spacious armchair-style seats for the passengers to relax and leisure. The chairs transform into cosy lie-flat beds for those seeking a bit of rest before landing at their next destination.

Italian luxury fashion house Etro has sponsored the fragrance products in the roomy bathrooms where guests can freshen up during the flight. The list of immaculate features on the flight is fairly long including a bar with a range of fine wines, massive flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and for music lovers a set of personal noise cancelling headphones from Bose.

Crystal has vowed to begin its luxury flights in its new privately owned Boeing 777-200LR not later than autumn 2017.



The CEO of Crystal Edie Rodrigues has said that Crystal Air cruises are not just going to be a ground-breaking development in a limited luxury travel industry, but it’s also a very challenging endeavor for the organizers, since organizers have not left any stone unturned in living up to the promise of providing passengers with a five-star treatment.


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