World’s Toughest EDC Duffel Bag: Lifetime Warranty

This is being promoted as the toughest duffle bag you can buy, we don’t know about that without testing it but it does look good so we  thought we’d share some more information with you so you can make up your own mind.

This is a crowd-funded project from the company Amabilis and they’ve already far surpased the funding needed to put the bag into production so it’s going to get made.

Here’s some more information from their Kickstarter campaign.


We produced a limited quantity of bags in 2015 to validate our design and material choices and to see if we could create the “World’s Toughest Duffel Bag”. After getting a ton of feedback, refining the smallest of design details, dialing in our materials and building countless prototypes, we are ready to launch our flagship bag. Introducing The DAVE Jr Duffel 2.0 – We know it will be the toughest duffel bag you’ll ever own, and we stand behind that with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


So you might be asking yourself, what is SuperFabric and why does it make the bag so awesome? SuperFabric is a patented technology which takes fabric and overlays it with tiny ceramic armor plates (“guard plates”) in a specific arrangement. The gaps between guard plates allow complete flexibility. SuperFabric is designed to deliver unequaled abrasion durability and a wide  range of additional performance features…


1. Stain Resistant: Protects from a variety of stains like inks, oils, dirt, mud, grime, etc. Can also easily be washed-off and is very low maintenance.

2. Abrasion Resistant: Provides a flexible barrier from abrasions, scruffs and scrapes.

3. Water Resistance: Since it’s on the bottom of the bag don’t be afraid to put the bag on wet ground. The stuff inside your bag will be completely dry.


4. Slash Resistant: Cannot be torn or sliced like other fabrics – cotton, nylon, etc. and it also wont snag, fray or tear!



Made from the same durable 18-ounce waterproof tarpaulin and armor plated SuperFabric as the duffel, you can securely stow your valuables in the Stash Capsule for years to come. The high performance fabrics protect your belongings while the internal zippered pocket lets you separate important things like credit cards or IDs confidently. Use it for toiletries, small electronics, tactical concealment, a first-aid kit, or for carrying any other essentials.



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