Buy the best outdoor gear on a budget

Even if you are a broke adventurer it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable while camping. Buying any kind of outdoor equipment can be pricey sometimes, but there are ways to find good deals and not have to spend a fortune on a tent. Being comfy while camping for a few weeks in the wilderness is crucial for every camper, hiker, and backpacker. If you don’t have a great stash of money in your account, you can still get some decent kit to enjoy your wilderness holiday. With advance planning, it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing manufacturer’s overstocks or used equipment which is still in good shape.

Find the right fit

There are discount gear sites from which you can order anything you need for the new season’s hiking trip. The problem is that the sizes vary between brands, and you will be very disappointed when you discover that your new jacket doesn’t fit you. Don’t waste time on the return and exchange process. Instead, visit an outdoor store where you can try items from various brands. When you find more or less the right fit, you can order the item you want. Remember that one brand’s medium can be another brand’s large, so it pays to try things for size before ordering.

Size and fit can vary between brands so take the time to try before you buy
Size and fit can vary between brands so take the time to try before you buy

Quality matters

Spending $50 or more on a pair of boots is a good and long-lasting investment. You may find two pairs of similar-looking boots, but the ones that are more expensive are probably better for your feet. Quality does matter a lot when it comes boots that have to handle rugged and steep trails. Maybe you don’t want to spend the extra 50 bucks at the moment, but it’s better to do it now and know that you have strong boots for the next few years, than to buy the cheap ones that will start to fall apart after the first hike. Always choose a good quality boot, even if you have to pay more for it.

Good hiking footwear is one thing worth investing in
Good hiking footwear is one thing worth investing in

Visit a local shop

Stores specializing in outdoor gear are experts in the products they sell and can recommend the best option for your needs without an incentive to rip you off. Though you can easily get confused with the choice of equipment the store has, the staff can help you find what you need and at a good price. Before going to the store, consult more experienced campers about what kind of gear is the most suitable for you and make a list of everything you need. Also, compare prices in a few different stores before you make the final decision.

Outlaw Donkey Online

Outlaw Donkey is a gear exchange site, launched in January 2017. They offer overstock products from leading brands such as North Face, SmartWool, Outdoor Research, Marmot, and Arc’teryx. The site also offers sales from hikers, paddlers, and campers at affordable prices.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Durable and a high-quality outdoor gear can be quite expensive, especially for those of us on a limited budget. Since 2013, Patagonia’s Worn Wear program offers repairs for all kinds of outdoor equipment. Fixing a tear on your tent or rain jacket or changing a broken zipper will give your gear a longer usable lifetime for tomorrow’s wilderness adventures. Since 2017, Patagonia has an e-store Worn Wear platform where you can find used gear and clothing from other people.

There is plenty of quality second hand gear to be found if you hunt around
There is plenty of quality second hand gear to be found if you hunt around

If the city you live in has an active outdoor sports community, then ask around about specialized stores that fix old gear or sell second-hand kit. Not being able to buy the latest and the most expensive gear and clothes is not an excuse to stay home. There is always a way to jump into a new adventure, no matter how much money you have. Good luck!

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