Campsite cocktail recipes for fancy campers


Spending time in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to give up your fancy lifestyle. Not at all. You have learned so many things about knots, ropes, knives, survival, finding water and all that stuff that there comes a time to relax with good food and a cheeky cocktail.

Preparing your favorite drink in the wilderness is not necessarily a difficult task because the following drinks are easy-made. You can make them with everyday items you find in your backpack or around the campsite and with a little effort, you can impress all those fancy non-wilderness friends when they join you on your next trip.



As for the fancy cocktail kit, your main gadget in the wilderness bar will be an empty water bottle.


The Fisherman’s Friend

Coffee and bourbon. Does this ring a bell? Irish coffee is the name of this good morning drink in the city, at the campsite, It’s a Fisherman’s Friend. Mix these two ingredients in an empty bottle and start the day with a smile.


Old Fashioned Pioneer

Hopefully, you have your favorite maple syrup at the campsite because you will need it for the next cocktail. All maple syrup lovers will be amazed by this drink. Mix a few shots of whiskey with maple syrup and a splash of soda. Enjoy the taste while breathing the fresh forest air under the maple trees.


Cocktail Photo Credit
Cocktail Photo Credit

Blackberry Smash

Being in the wild provides you with so many edible plants and flavorsome herbs. Just look around you and pick some blackberries to make your Blackberry Smash. Add few ounces of whiskey and ice (pack in a few cubes of ice in a flask) and mix it all together. If you can find wild mint, even better. Enjoy your perfect wilderness cocktail!


Hot Toddy

The fact that there is no a professional bartender hiding in the bushes makes you the only cocktail inventor available to save the night. If it gets chilly and everyone starts complaining they’re cold you must come up with a solution. Boil water, pour a bourbon, add honey, syrup or sugar and stir it. People will love this hot sweet mixture.


Fruit cocktail
Fruit cocktail

Hard-standing cocktail

Need to be brave for this one. Be sure the people you are with like strong drinks and make the “bar” close to the tents. You don’t want anyone to walk around at night looking for their sleeping bag. Add gin, vodka and orange juice in an empty plastic bottle, mix it and have fun!



Enjoying your time outdoors together with friends and family is an ideal way of spending a weekend or a vacation. The thing is we all have different preferences and tastes when it comes to food and drinks. Sometimes all it takes is being creative and do your best in mixing the ingredients.

Being in the wild will help you and your friends learn how to enjoy the environment without giving up what you like the most. In the end, what matters the most is having fun around the campfire and share beautiful moments in the great outdoors. Create unforgettable memories and enjoy these simple cocktail recipes.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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