Cheap and useful camping hacks

Camping hacks make camp life easier
Camping hacks make camp life easier

Are you a camping and hiking enthusiast that’s careful with your money? If you’re one of the growing number that does not want to spend loads of money on fancy and often overpriced camping gear, this could be for you. It’s also a good article for those of you that are getting into camping and hiking and don’t have a lot of money to blow on gear.

Well, you don’t have to spend much on costly gear if you have a few tricks and a bit of common sense stuffed up your sleeves, We’ll get you using everyday items for camping gear.

Here are few ways on how you can spend a lot less money on gear and still have the same comfort and fun when camping.


1. Topographic map and compass or GPS


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive GPS unit when you can just buy a cheap topo map and a compass Invest in a good compass). Many areas do not have a good GPS signal, but if you know how to read a map and use a compass, you can safely find your way.

With the help of the topographic map, you could easily find every trail and every path that you need to take. Just make sure that you know the basics of map and compass reading before you leave for your next adventure.

2. Multi-tool or tool set


Having a multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife may be the best replacement for the big and heavy tool sets that are hard to carry around. The multi-tools have everything that you would need on a camping trip, and they are significantly cheaper than the whole box of tools. You would only miss a hammer on your multi-tool kit, but you can always find a rock somewhere on your route.

3. Tarp or Rainfly

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It is always important to keep your stuff dry and protected from the rain, and even a waterproof tent is not always enough to keep you safe.

So instead of buying an expensive tent, you can just buy a cheap tarp in your local market, and you are good to go. You can use it for other purposes as well, such as makeshift shelter, pet shelter, tent footprint, water collection, tarp boat (just in case you have a lake to cross!) and so much more.


4. Rope or Rack for clothes


Our recommendation is always to have a rope with you when going on a camping trip. It can be used in many different ways, and one of them is acting like a rack for clothes. So instead of carrying a big clothing rack, just buy a rope, you can alway carve some pegs or open up the twists and insert the edges of the clothes in them, when the twist tightens it will hold the clothes fast.

Rope can also be used to fix up your tarp shelter, rescue people, tie food up high away from Bears and lots more.

5. Sheets and quilts or sleeping bag


A sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and air mattress are always one of the most expensive items from your camping gear. So why don’t you just use your old quilts and sheets with a sleeping pad for more comfort?

We know they’re going to be heavier but to start with if you’re not going far they’re a great option that helps you spend a lot less money, and at the same time, you will be able to use them as a picnic blanket, shelter, or for sitting around the fire.

Camping in winter might be the exception to this though, it gets very cold in the winter so you should probably invest in a good cold weather sleeping bag and gear.

6. Picnic table on the campsite or chairs


You don’t always have to carry a table and chairs when going camping when you can just find a picnic table somewhere on the campsite. If you cannot locate one, or if they are occupied by other campers, you can easily find a rock or some lumber which you can set as a table and chairs. Or use your blankets that you’ve carried with you!

7. Frozen bottles of water or Ice


When packing your cooler for camping, you don’t have to buy expensive ice bags. Instead, just three quarter fill empty plastic bottles with water and freeze them before packing the cooler. You will spend less money on gear, and you can use the water for drinking when it melts and use the empty bottles for many other purposes.

8. Coffee pouches or coffee packet


Instead of bringing instant coffee packets that usually don’t taste good, just pack your favorite coffee in small bags with a coffee filter. When you want to drink coffee just drop a pouch in a cup with hot water, stir it a little bit, and you’ll have your favorite coffee wherever you are.


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