Essential camping gear for beginners

Camping at night
Camping at night

Here at Outdoor Revival, we love camping, and it’s great to see that it’s more popular than ever. With the right camping gear, holidays with friends and family can be very cheap and affordable. For any of you new to camping this will be a useful article to help create a successful camping experience.


Camping is not complicated, it’s definitely not astrophysics, but for those starting out, everything seems like mission impossible. It takes a lot of effort to leave the comfort of our lives and jump into the unknown.


What you should take on your camping trip depends on what kind of camping trip you plan on going on, be that campsite camping, festival camping or wild camping you need good gear and equipment.


The basic things to be considered when buying camping gear are weight and packability, after all, you’ve usually got to carry it all.

A tent is high up on the priority list. Tents come in different sizes, so it depends on you which size you need. There are three-season and four- season tents.

Three-season tents are good for almost any time of year, but winter. Four-season tents are made of more durable fabric and can resist snow storms, stronger winds, and heavy rain. It’s a good idea to use a footprint beneath the tent to block out water.


Sleeping bags come in different sizes and handle different temperatures. Generally, the colder the temperature, the bigger your sleeping bag is going to be, so before going on a camping trip look up what weather to expect.

A lot of people prefer to use a sleeping pad to feel more comfortable and keep themselves warmer because they’re insulated from the ground.


Flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps are super useful for camping, they’re great if you’re walking in the dark or you need to move around your campsite during the night.


Water filtration system and treatment tablets. The safest way to have drinkable water while camping is to get a water filtration system or treatment tablets, generally a good filtration system will be a better choice if you can carry it.
But, it’s a good idea to bring as much water as you need at the beginning of your trip especially if you go camping with a car.

Hiking boots that provide stability and support for the ankles are good for hiking and backpacking. The boots you choose depend on the trip you’re planning, the terrain your walking on and the time of year, a winter boot will be different to a summer boot. You should choose something comfortable, waterproof and not too heavy.


Regardless of where you are camping, it’s possible that your cell phone will not work, so what you need is a paper map and know how to use it before leaving for your trip, knowing how to use a compass with it is the ideal and will always be a useful skill to have.


Other useful things that are often needed while camping are a First Aid Kit, whistle, camping stove, fuel, fire starter, pots, pans, bowls, cups, coffee maker, trash bags and other cleaning gear.


Whatever you buy and pack make sure they are suitable for the weather conditions you are going to encounter. This is a basic list of camping equipment can help you prepare for your first camping adventure and make it more comfortable and enjoyable.


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