Essential items for emergency situations

In any life threatening situation, people who are prepared are the most likely to survive. These people bring the kinds of things they may need in an emergency with them. The urban jungle has many hazards, as does the backcountry. When there are disasters which cause urban emergencies certain items will be useful to have available. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in such a situation, but it is always a good idea to be prepared.

First aid kit

If there is an emergency, you are likely to need medical supplies. People who are fine until there is an emergency can become injured in the panic.


A lighter is something you should pack. It can give a little light so that you can find your flashlight and it can of course also start your fire. It is probably a good idea to have more than just one in your emergency kit

Cell phone

You should take your cell phone. Hopefully, the networks will still be operational. If they are, the reasons for having one are obvious.


purify water in the woods
Piped water supplies may become unsafe in an emergency situation

In a disaster zone, the municipal drinking water could become contaminated. A stable and safe store of drinking water is advised. Keep some at home, at work and have some where you will be able to grab it in the case of you having to leave in a hurry. Three gallons per person is the amount you should be able to lay your hands on in an emergency.


Rope or cord, such as 550 cord, will be useful in many ways. Keep a skein of cord with your emergency supplies at all times. Keep it handy and ensure that you will not have to disentangle it if you need it in a hurry.


A little portable battery operated radio can help to keep you in touch with what is going on when all other lines go down. Also, keep the batteries checked.


Unlike your credit cards, cash still works even if the power is out
Unlike your credit cards, cash still works even if the power is out

In an emergency, there is a good chance that communications will be down and you will not be able to use cards to pay for things. Keep some cash with you. You may still be able to buy goods and some services.


Always keep a flashlight handy: even the simplest power outage will call for one of these. It is a handy thing to keep where hallways and rooms are without windows. Always ensure that their batteries are working. It would be sad indeed to have a flashlight when you really need one which you cannot use.


A well maintained survival knife is a wonderfully versatile multi-purpose tool
A well maintained survival knife is a wonderfully versatile multi-purpose tool

If you are likely to be personally under threat, you may feel you need to be armed with a serious Man-knife. This may make you a target, however, and a smaller folding knife will be useful in the case where you need to defend yourself.

Pry bar

A small pry bar could really be useful for a number of situations. In an emergency, it is really a multi-use tool. You could chop through doors and even walls. You can use your imagination, and you will see many uses for this item.

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