Essential items to take on a day trip to the river with the kids

Taking your young children on a river day trip can be extremely fun, but can also be stressful for you if you don’t know what to do. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what it is that you need to pack for your kids in order to keep them protected and safe. Overpacking is not a solution. What you need to do is to think about all the essentials that are going to be needed for your river excursion. The simplest way to do it is to write everything down, and then start selecting from the list. Here are some essential items that will make a life easier for you. Let’s get started!


Bringing a swim shirt for your kid and even for yourself will make you worry less about the sunburns. Instead of spending the day yelling at your children to get out of the water, you just put them swim shirts on and let them play in the river as much as they want without getting sunburnt.



Never forget about the towels! No matter how long your kids want to stay in the water and pretend they’re not cold, in the end, they’re going to run into your lap to get warm. Wait for them with a nice, fluffy towel and warp them up until they dry. Towels are also useful to protect your car seat from getting drenched.


Playing outside in the sun all day makes the tiny body dehydrated faster than you think. Therefore, bring as many fresh drinks and water as you can. Call your kids every now and then and make them drink water, don’t just wait for them to come and get it. When you’re little and you enjoy playing around in the river, the last thing you will think of is to get out for a refreshing drink. That’s why you are here to remind them how important hydration is.



One of the essential items no matter where you go, with or without your kids, the sunblock. If you have young children, the best choice is the spray one because it’s easy to apply and many kids even enjoy applying it to themselves or to each other. However, for face protection always use the good, old lotion because it provides moisturizing as well.

Aqua socks

Rivers bottoms are full of rocks and not comfortable at all for your feet. Fortunately, there is a solution for every problem. Get a pair of aqua socks for each member of your family and avoid hearing everybody complaining about sore feet, slimy stuff, or even hot rocks. You have no idea how much energy will aqua socks save you.

Sunglasses or hat

Little kids love sunglasses and they enjoy wearing them. But safety-wards it’s maybe better if you avoid them while they’re jumping on the river stones and just give them hats that can’t hurt them in case they slip and fall. Or provide rubber sunglasses for your kids that can’t break and make harm on their tiny faces.

Flotation devices

Flotation devices
Flotation devices

Puddle jumpers and baby floats are the flotation devices most of the parents buy for their little ones. Of course, you must always be present around them and provide an extra safety for your kids while they’re in the water. A floatation device doesn’t mean you can just throw them in the river and zip your cocktail in a shade. These gadgets are only additional safety items for your young children.

Camp chairs

If the terrain around the river is rocky, then make sure you bring camp chairs for everybody because sitting on sharp rocks for a long period is not fun at all. Have a nice time on your river excursion and good luck!

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