For the cost of an iPhone, you can buy a wind turbine that will power an entire house

$750 / 5KwH Wind turbine from Avant Garde Innovations
$750 / 5KwH Wind turbine from Avant Garde Innovations

India has more than its fair share of issues including poverty, corruption, and intolerance towards minority groups. However, one issue that lurks in the darkest alleys of bureaucracy is undoubtedly the power crisis: a large chunk of Indian population could only dream of adequate sanitation and electricity.

Amidst all the gloom one start-up company is now vowing to bring a radical change in the ways power sector tackles with the issues by providing decentralized and distributable power supply which is both affordable and environmentally friendly. Scroll down for video

Federal and State governments of India lack the infrastructure and ambition to provide electricity to the Indians living in the rural areas, and often the plans that the governments come up with are highly damaging to the environment if not impractical.

Take for instance Kerala, where Recently the Chief Minister of the Southern State of Kerala announced a very ambitious hydroelectric project, soon after taking to the office. However, environmentalists are adamant that the project Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan is proposing on Athirappily waterfalls is going to damage the largest waterfall of the state, hence causing more damage than good.

Then there is another aspect of the power sector, and that is the new start-ups launched by innovative young Indians who vow to bring power to every household in the country. Two siblings have stepped forward offering their innovative approach to the power supply to help the local governments in their efforts to enable people to improve their living standard.

The duo has come up with a new solution to the power problem that they believe will dramatically change the way governments looked at the issue, and that even without disturbing the ecological balance.

The start-up is called Avant Garde Innovations which is founded by Anoop and Arun George from Kerala. The two brothers have come up with a very low-cost wind turbine with the ability to generate enough power to run appliances in a house for a lifetime. The wind turbine is merely the size of a ceiling fan that generates 5kWh/kW per day and costs only $750- that is only one-time cost.

The company’s website claims to have the ambitions to tackle the energy poverty by significantly reducing dependency on already overloaded state power grids and to help create a self-sufficiency power system which is distributed, fairly localised and above all affordable for the poor folks of the rural areas.

This will not only take the burden off the shoulders of the local authorities, but it will also ensure that the power supply to the locals does not come at a cost that is damaging to the environment.

Avant Garde Innovations have already won a spot in the group of Top 20 Clean-Tech Innovations in India. The company’s another big achievement has been the gaining of a place in the list of 10 most clean energy companies from all over India that have been chosen for UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative; the program promises the one-billion-dollar grant for the most deserving start-ups and individuals.


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