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So, you have always wanted to buy the perfect gift for your best friend, they’re an active traveler so it would be good to get them something to help with their traveling, but no good ideas occurred to you. Frustrating or what!

What does your outdoorsy buddy need this season? Choosing a gift for an adventure seeker is not an easy thing if you’re not familiar with what a traveler needs. That’s why the Outdoor Revival team has prepared a very handy list of gifts that every traveler would be happy to have given them. It’s up to you to just choose what’s the most suitable gift for your friend.


Backup battery 

Having no cell phone while being in the great outdoors can be a real nightmare. There are situations when one needs to make an emergency call, and a backup battery can save the day. Don’t let your dear person suffer from lack of communication.


Battery charger
Battery charger

Sperry shoes 

In case your favorite person likes boats and water adventures then this is the perfect gift. Sperry shoes are light, easy to pack and everybody needs them.


Sperry shoe Photo Credit
Sperry shoe Photo Credit

Waterproof camera

Perfect for taking underwater shots on some colorful coral reef or stay dry after a  monsoon rain. Waterproof cameras are the coolest gift for someone who is constantly on the road. You can be sure that this is an absolute win. Nobody ever complained about this kind of gift.


Waterproof camera
Waterproof camera


Your traveling pal wants to take a nap under a palm tree and listen to the sound of the ocean or maybe hang out in a jungle near a waterfall? You know what we’re talking about, a hammock! One more practical gift for active travelers, easy to carry around and set up wherever you go.


Portable wash bag 

When traveling, you don’t want to spend money on laundry services or even worse, if you are in the wilderness this will be your only washing option. It’s very simple to use, easy to pack and will keep the traveler clean during the whole trip.

Camping pad

Some people spent the majority of their time camping, so a comfortable bed is what they miss. If your friend loves camping, then a sleeping pad is something you need to provide for him/her. Having a good night sleep is crucial for hikers who spent long hours walking outside.


Camping pad Photo Credit
Camping pad Photo Credit

Stuff sack 

Stuff sacks are usually used to keep the sleeping bag in or to pack a few smaller items while camping. They are very practical and can also serve as a pillow when stuffed with soft materials.

Traveling microfiber towel

We all know that towels take too much space in our suitcases or backpacks. Also, they are heavy and don’t dry quickly. That’s why a traveling microfiber towel will be a joy for every traveler. These towels are pocket-sized and dry within half an hour or less.


Microfiber towel
Microfiber towel

All of these items will make any traveler happy no matter where they’re off to. Life on the road is not as comfy as being at home, that’s why it’s good to make it easier for your traveling friends.

Lastly, whatever thing you choose, make sure that your traveling buddy doesn’t already have it!


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