Legs Jacket by VEAR, the Stylish Rain Pants that Keep Commuters Dry, Launches on Kickstarter

Legs Jacket, the revolutionary stylish and eco-friendly bicycle commuter rain pants by , today launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Legs Jacket rain pants are designed with the urban biker’s needs in mind. The stylish rain pants are loaded with features that will keep cyclists comfortable, dry and safe on their commute so they can arrive at their destination dry and in style.

The Legs Jacket have double front pockets to easily access pants underneath, an adjustable waist band, and shoe protectors to keep shoes and socks dry.


The pants are also ideal for the millions of commuters who walk or bike to work daily and often have to navigate their way through rain and snow while keeping suit pants, socks and shoes dry.

“Rain is the number one reason people cycle less. We saw a need for high-performance rain pants with contemporary stylish design for cyclists and walkers who need to stay dry and comfortable during their commutes,” said VEAR co-founder Valentin Nicoară. “In the biggest cities in the world, more and more people are biking and walking to work. It’s time for commuters to have a stylish, high-performance pant that becomes a key part of their professional wardrobe on snowy, rainy, damp and cool days.”


Legs Jacket pants can also be used for golf, mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling or pretty much any rainy outdoor activity.

Legs Jacket pants are made with special reflective features that remain black and discreet during the day, but provide 360° visibility at night. The pants are lightweight and can be quickly folded and stored in their own back pocket and attached to a bike seat.

The creators of VEAR live, work and commute in Denmark, a country that’s famous for its eco-friendly biking culture, but it’s also infamous for its rainy climate. This is what inspired Nicoară to create VEAR Legs Jacket.


“We have created rain pants that are stylish, comfortable and practical,” added Nicoară. “Rain pants that are easy to get in and out of and lightweight, compact and easy to carry, just in case an unexpected rain shower comes along.”

One of the key features of the Legs Jacket is they are designed so bikers and walkers can easily get them on and off in seconds without removing their shoes. A convenient detail for busy urban commuters.

Legs Jacket commuter pants are now on Kickstarter at special early bird prices. For more information, visit the VEAR website, or visit VEAR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About VEAR Legs Jacket

These rain pants are windproof, waterproof (>8000 mm; ISO 811 ) and breathable (>5000 g/m2/24h; ASTM E96BW-1995).

REFLECTIVE: VEAR has reflective features that stay black during the day, but provide 360° visibility at night without sacrificing your style. The reflective patterns are composed of tiny glass beads that reflect the light back to its source.

SUSTAINABLE: at VEAR we believe that there are better ways of doing business! We believe that a circular economy model must be implemented in order to wisely use the limited resources this planet has, and we try to be pioneers in the field of circular economy.

These outdoor pants are made to last a lifetime and to withstand extreme weather conditions. When the user does not need the item anymore they are advised to return it to VEAR. We make sure it’s properly recycled while you get a discount on your next purchase.

CONVENIENCE: Easy storage in their own back pocket that can be carried in a backpack or attached to the bike seat and taken anywhere

SPECIAL FEATURES: Adjustable waistband, double front pockets, removable shoe protectors and reinforced at stress points

The creators of VEAR wanted to design a rain pant that was stylish, eco-friendly, and that would revolutionize your bicycle commute. With the urban biker’s needs in mind, they created VEAR Rain Pants, an innovative solution to rainy commutes.


We promote cycling, a healthy and a sustainable method of transportation. Our goal is to make cycling easy, safe and a pleasure, and as a result, to encourage more people to cycle more often.

VEAR is loaded with features that will keep you comfortable, dry and safe on your bicycle commute so you can arrive at your destination in style. With the Legs Jacket by VEAR, you’ll remain dry while looking cool, and will always arrive comfortably at your destination.


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