Make a comprehensive list of the camp kit you will need

So you’ve decided that you would like to try camping? Well, it’s a wonderful way to experience the outdoors without the need for extreme effort, but you will have to get a few pieces of equipment before you leave. If you do not have an RV or there are no cabins in which you can stay, you will need to purchase a tent. Once you have that organized, a bed is next on the list. Since most of the time you will be at the camp during mealtimes, you need to plan what food you’ll be eating. You may choose to cook your meals, or you can plan to only eat cold food. Either way, you will still need an assortment of utensils. Here is a list of the basic items you’ll need to have a great camping trip.


Ask the store assistant to demonstrate how to erect the tent before you buy
Ask the store assistant to demonstrate how to erect the tent before you buy

So you have settled on the tent option. In camping parlance, you will be known as a car camper, because all your belongings are packed in the trunk of the car. Tents do not need to be expensive, but neither do you want to waste your money on rubbish. Your tent must provide protection from the weather, be this rain, wind or sun.

A tent will also shield you from annoying insects. It will lend some privacy, and it is a place in which to keep your stuff. Sleeping under the stars is always an option in ideal conditions, but these are not always available. Making a purchase of a tent should not be too onerous, and there is a wide variety on the market. Just know what your requirements will be regarding space, carrying capacity, etc., and go get it.

Tents are often displayed on the store floor. Ask an assistant to demonstrate how to erect the tent you’re thinking of getting. You should expect to find a quality tent at a price of between $100 to $200. You can purchase online, but then you will not be able to get a hands-on demo.


Camp beds can be really comfortable, or you can take an inflatable pad or a foam pad. A fold-up closed cell pad is probably the best option as far as packing space goes, but an air pad is usually better for comfort. When you camp in summer, you will only need a summer-weight sleeping bag. These are fairly inexpensive. In really warm weather you could just sleep under a sheet. A pillow will add to your comfort.


Camp cooking stove
Camp cooking stove

Cooking outdoors is always fun, even when you are in the yard back home. The recipes you use for your home barbecue can be used at the campsite also. You can, of course, pack your cooler box with sandwiches, salads, and other snacks. Most public campgrounds will have some facilities such as a grill, and a table at each site.

Take along a bag of charcoal and a spatula, and you will be set for camp cooking. If you bring with you a camp stove and also a Dutch oven, you will be ready to be the camp gourmet, and you can cook and bake a wide variety of things. There are many places where you can find camping gear, so shop around a bit.

Don’t forget to pack something to do in the evenings at your campsite
Don’t forget to pack something to do in the evenings at your campsite

It would be wise to have a checklist of everything you’ll need, right down to a can opener, toothpaste, and sunscreen. Don,t lose it! Be sure to refer to it when packing your car.

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