New Pine Mountain® ExtremeStart™ Firestarter Makes Fire Building Quick, Easy & Mess-Free

If you’re not a survivalist, you’re not alone—starting fires, whether you’re camping, grilling, or backyard entertaining, can be rife with challenges. Charcoal chimneys can create an unspeakable mess, damp kindling or wet wood leads to billowing smoke, and for the more adventurous, blisters may ensue when rubbing wood together to get a spark.

The new Pine Mountain® ExtremeStart™ Firestarter is the ultimate fire building solution. Whether using charcoal or wood, simply place the Swiss Army Knife sized ExtremeStart™ Firestarter underneath, light the wrapper and you can be confident that your fire will be ablaze in minutes, without blowing, stoking or poking.

For indoor and outdoor use, the Pine Mountain® ExtremeStart™ Firestarter is compact and easily transported to your next tailgate or fire-side social event. There’s no need to hunt for newspaper, dried grass, or other kindling to light a wood fire, or use accelerants, gels, and lighter fluids to ignite a charcoal fire.


Enjoy a fire tonight. No special occasion required.
Enjoy a fire tonight. No special occasion required.

The ExtremeStart™ Firestarter achieves the same result with less hassle and mess. Made in the United States from recycled sawdust and wax, the firestarters also help reduce landfill waste.

The perfect tailgate starts with the new Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Firestarter.

“Fire brings people together and adds atmosphere to a home, so we made it our mission to develop a product that will help eliminate the hassles of starting a fire so there’s less fuss and more time to relax, unwind, connect and enjoy,” said Landon Whetsel, Brand Manager from Pine Mountain®.

The new Pine Mountain® ExtremeStart™ Firestarter is currently available in packages of 12 individually-wrapped starters for $5.99 online at and as well as in stores at The Home Depot, Kroger, ACE Hardware, and True Value reports prnewswire

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