Polk BOOM Introduces First Truly Wearable Ready for Anything Bluetooth Speaker

Today’s consumers want to take their music everywhere and seamlessly integrate sound into all of their life adventures, and that’s exactly why Polk BOOM was founded.

Keeping with this mission, the lifestyle audio brand today advanced its rugged speaker series with the BOOM BIT, the first truly wearable Bluetooth speaker, ideal for on-the-go listening and ready for anything.

The incredibly small and lightweight speaker clips securely to clothing or a backpack and integrates with how you move, safely balancing the right amount of sound with your immediate surroundings.

With BIT, listeners can safely stay in tune with their environment while still enjoying the music they love.

The audio industry has seen astounding improvements in recent years; headphones have become more immersive while Bluetooth speakers are louder than ever before. In the current marketplace, the need for a speaker that’s wearable and powerful, while still allowing you to experience your surroundings is evident.

Anyone who is active while listening to music can attest to this – whether it’s the inability to hear surrounding noises like car horns and ambulance sirens or the cyclist on the left, the dangers of being solely focused on one’s own music are prevalent.

In fact, several states, including California, Colorado, and New York, legislate against wearing headphones while riding bikes or driving cars. In response to increased scrutiny around this issue, Polk BOOM created the BIT speaker to meet its users’ demands for a durable and safe alternative to personal music listening on-the-go.

BIT clips securely to clothing or a backpack and integrates with how you move, so listeners can safely tune in with their environment while enjoying the music they love.BIT offers a ruggedized Ready for Anything design, making the speaker sweat, dirt, sand, or mud, and shock-proof in case of a fall.

“Polk BOOM recognizes that enjoying your music while participating in your favorite outdoor activity, like biking or skateboarding is important, but also realized that being aware of ambient noise and your immediate surroundings is even more critical,” said Polk BOOM’s founder, Ryan Minarik. “The convenience of portable speakers has listeners blasting music further and louder than ever before.

However, consumers still need to be safe while enjoying their favorite tunes. This is exactly why we designed BIT, to keep our adventurers safely engaged through all their senses, by balancing music with surrounding noises.”

Designed with soft edges and a rounded shape, BIT can be worn anywhere on the body with comfort as it weighs in at only 8 oz. and measures at just under three inches in length writes prnewswire

A strong spring steel clip holds the speaker in place during high-intensity workouts and extreme sports, whether that’s riding a bike, going on a walk, or hiking a local trail. BIT is just loud enough for wearers to be fully immersed in great sounding music while remaining aware of their surroundings, as it doesn’t completely block out surrounding noises.

BIT offers a ruggedized Ready for Anything design, making the speaker sweat, dirt, sand, or mud, and shock-proof in case of a fall. Additionally, the wearable speaker can take calls with a built-in speakerphone, providing hands-free listening while driving, walking or running errands.

For extreme sports, like downhill mountain biking, users can answer calls without worrying about their phone getting crushed in a sudden fall. Additionally, those who enjoy spending long periods of time exploring the great outdoors will appreciate BIT’s built-in USB that can be plugged into a USB port in a car, laptop, or power brick, eliminating the need to carry extra cables and adapters for charging.

Polk BOOM’s BIT retails for $29.99, and is available now at Polk BOOM’s website. BIT colorways include Black, Sport Blue, Volt Yellow, Lava Red, and a two-toned Grey/Mint offering.

About Polk BOOM

Polk BOOM is a company within the Sound United family of high performance audio brands. Designed for the consumer leading an active, adventurous lifestyle, Polk BOOM designs personal audio products that make sharing your music as simple as enjoying it writes From rugged, portable, Bluetooth speakers to in-ear and over-ear headphones, each Polk BOOM product continues to serve the lifestyle of the adventurous individual, born on original motives. Sound Inspires. Be BOOM.


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