Staying warm: 8 outdoor cold weather must-haves

Staying warm when the weather is freezing is the only way to get through the winter months without getting sucked into cabin fever. Making sure you have the warm essentials will keep you toasty and allow you to get out in the fresh air without being miserable. This is what you need.

1. Warm clothing

Dress appropriately for the season – that means getting out all your winter clothes from storage
Dress appropriately for the season – that means getting out all your winter clothes from storage

Let’s start with the most obvious thing of all: warm clothes. Wearing a good winter coat, thick gloves, a hat, boots, and warm pants will help keep you comfortable when you are outside. If you are venturing out in the snow or rain, you should also make sure that the clothes are waterproof so that the wet doesn’t sink in and make you cold. Being wet and cold is worse than being just cold.

2. Hand warmers

Hand and toe warmers are kind of like little single-use packs that you can slip in your gloves or your shoes. They operate a lot like a glow stick, where you snap them to activate and they work for several hours before the warmth will wear off. Then you can throw them out. There are reusable ones out there as well if you are concerned about waste. They will definitely help take the chill off for you.

3. Layers

Dress appropriately
Dress appropriately

Layering is what will keep you comfortable and happy when you are outside. Layers include thermals or long underwear, which are body fitting stretchy clothes that lay right against your skin, giving you an extra layer in between you and the cold.

4. Puffer vest

A puffer vest is a handy article of clothing to have on hand. It works well over layers and can go underneath a thicker coat, giving you an added warm layer.

5. Outdoor heater

Let’s look beyond just your clothes. If you want to spend some time outside your home, but are not appreciating the cold, then you should consider an outdoor propane heater. They will work in the cold weather and can make sitting outside not only bearable, but comfortable as well.


6. Heavy jeans

If you are feeling in a denim mood this winter, opt for darker tones and heavier weights to feel and stay warm.
If you are feeling in a denim mood this winter, opt for darker tones and heavier weights to feel and stay warm.

Let’s be honest: you are not going to be wearing snow pants unless you are skiing or snowboarding. That means you will be out in the cold otherwise in just your regular jeans. This is where dark-wash jeans come into play. Darker jeans are usually made from heavier denim, which will keep the cold out more than a thinner denim would. And the darker color is more appropriate for the winter months. For women, leggings and boots may be the trend for fashion, but leggings are not going to be doing you any favors in the warmth department.


7. Wool

Wool can come in a variety of forms. Whether you are looking at a wool coat or wool scarf, wool is excellent at keeping you warm. The thickness of wool insulates you well and actually does keep out the wet very well, too. It can cost more than synthetic fabrics, but it is also durable, ensuring that you will get to use it for many years to come. The big con with wool is that many people do have an allergy to it, so bear that in mind.


8. Be practical

Be practical
Be practical

Keeping practicality in mind is also essential. Do not trade comfort for fashion when it comes to being warm outside. If you are cold and miserable, it won’t matter how great you look. Think about it, who really cares what you are wearing or what you look like? Stay warm and be smart about it. Doing so will keep you going all winter long.

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