Redesigned Twicycle to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign Soon

Twicycle, a bike that doubles cyclists’ workout by incorporating arm cranks in addition to regular ones, is in preparation for crowdfunding campaign launching late this September on Indiegogo. Redesigned prototype features handlebars in style to that of a regular road bike, as well as new chest pad and front chainring cover.

The exact launch date for the crowdfunding campaign has not yet been scheduled and once set, it will first be available to Twicycle email subscribers. The bike is expected to be offered as pre-orders at around US$1000 to crowdfunding participants, which will be significantly lower than retail prices once the bike comes out on market. Twicycle email subscribers (aka Twicycle Insiders) who contribute first will get a chance to save additionally.

The preliminary bike specifications are as follow:

Lightweight aluminum alloy frame in matte black
Full carbon fiber forks
Lightweight Aluminum alloy wheels with sealed bearing hubs
Shimano or Sram, 8 speed Cassettes x 2 (front and back) (16 gears in total)
Shimano gear shifters (downtube style)
Shimano Claris Derailleurs
Shimano 105 or own brand crankset
Tektro Brakes

The exact specifications will be made available at a later date.

Latest prototype redesign saw a few changes to the design whose pictures and videos have been circulating the Internet for the last 5 months. The new handlebars make TwiCycle identical in seating position to a road bike with drop bars. They are more narrow than the previous version and contribute to the overall aerodynamics of the bike.

The redesigned chest pad provides full upper body support and prevents the cyclist from reaching the front chainring. A version more suitable for women is in works as well. Optional chainring cover has also been added. Overall, the new prototype is stronger, faster and more comfortable.

Twicycle front chainring and arm cranks/ handlebars.
Twicycle front chainring and arm cranks/ handlebars.

The initial TwiCycle prototype was filmed in tropical settings of Miami, FL and various iterations of videos published by media outlets have been watched by millions of people around the world. New videos and photos, recently taken in the mountains that inspired the invention, will showcase the redesigned prototype in very different settings.

People interested in being one of the first to pre-order Twicycle, can sign up to Twicycle Insider email list at:

TwiCycle is aimed at people who enjoy cycling, the outdoors and would like to workout their full body equally well including their arms, chest and back.



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