Solar Power: Cook a meal in 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C)

It’s not often that a completely new style of cooking is introduced to the market, but in the last two years GoSun has done exactly that, bring its unique form of solar cooking technology to the global mainstream.

Leveraging the product’s early adopter support in the developed world, GoSun is also working towards its ultimate mission of empower millions of people in developing countries with safe, clean and viable cooking solutions.


The Technology: What makes the GoSun Stove unique is its speed, portability, and practicality. Using a solar vacuum tube, the GoSun Stove heats up quickly (over 550°F/ 288°C) to cook a meal in just 20 minutes, capturing more than 80% of Sun that enter its reflectors.

Even at such high cooking temperatures, the GoSun remains cool to the touch on the outside. After you’ve finished cooking, GoSun easily folds up compact with built-in handles for convenient carrying. Weighing 7lbs (3.128kg), GoSun can easily slide into a backpack and be taken anywhere your travels take you. Key Benefits of The GoSun Stove: Innovative Design- The GoSun’s patent pending design converts +80% of sunlight into heat and captures that heat inside a perfect insulator: a vacuum.

This means that you can cook in even the harshest conditions. Cooks Through Clouds- It need not be a sunny day to solar cook. The vacuum tube’s is so efficient at capturing and holding heat that solar cooking is possible even on overcast days. New Green Tech- Green technology often improves incrementally; this is different.

This is a game changer. Convenient and easily adopted at a residential scale at a reasonable price, the green future we were promised is here, and its delicious.  Sustainable Development Potential- Its about more than fun in the Sun.

We’ve partnered with the UN Foundation’s Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves to redesign a model for developing markets and are close to launching out social enterprise. The stove has been proven to save time, money and forest in Guatemala, and is poised to be launched in 2015.


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival