The Steve McQueen Desert Racer is one of the coolest motorbikes around & you could own one

The McQueen Desert Racer is one of the coolest motorbikes around – based on the machine owned by the coolest man ever to ride a motorbike.

Now you have the chance to be one of the select few to own a piece of iconic history. A limited run of 300 exact replicas of the Metisse Mk3 have been produced, with modifications and specification chosen by Steve McQueen. To guarantee the exclusivity of the McQueen Desert racer you will receive a ‘Collection Certificate’ with your number added to the register endorsed by the McQueen estate.

Based upon the Metisse Mk3 that since the 1960s has been the class-winning off road motorcycle the McQueen Desert Racer was further modified to suit the personal requirements of Steve McQueen but also the physical demands of desert racing. The Mk3 frame inspired his famous quote in November 1966:

‘This rig is the best handling bike I’ve ever owned!’

Such a unique and iconic motorcycle can also be experienced by others, with the option to be road registered, and have a pillion seat, meaning that the McQueen Desert Racer can be more than just an iconic motorcycling sculpture.



Engine: Fully reconditioned original 650 cc T6 Triumph
Transmission: Reconditioned 4 speed Triumph
Carburettor: Amal single concentric type R930/23
Exhaust: Twin up-swept chrome pipe


Frame: Brazed 4130 chrome moly tubing nickel plated strong>Swing Arm: Brazed 4130 chrome moly tubing nickel plated

Front wheel rim & tyre: Chrome wire spoked 21″ rim & 2.75 x 21″ Mitas tyre
Front suspension: 35mm Ceriani forks & BSA yokes
Front brakes: 7″ Triumph drum brake
Rear wheel rim & tyre: Chrome wire spokes 18″ rim & 4.5 x 18″ Mitas tyre
strong>Rear suspension: Twin Girling reproduction dampers & springs


Body Panels: 5 piece GRP body panels in battleship grey gel coat.
Fuel tank: 8 litre GRP fuel tank in battleship grey gel coat with epoxy resin internal coating
Livery: Metisse logo with Steve McQueen authorised autograph on the fuel tank


Hand controls: Chromed handlebars fitted with alloy levers<
Foot controls: Rigid footpegs<


Seating: Dual seat option with matching pillion footpegs

Road Pack: Consists of headlight, horn, indicators, rear lights & brake light.

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