How to survive in the wilderness with only a knife

An item you will find on any survival gear list is a knife. It’s the best multi-use piece of equipment that you need to have handy on every camping or hiking trip. If by any accident you lose most everything you have with you when out in the wild, make sure that your knife always stays safe and within reach. If there is no other tool left to help you in a survival scenario, then you can consider yourself a lucky person if you still have your knife because it can save your life.

Self defense

Multi-use knife
Multi-use knife

First, don’t forget that the knife is a weapon which means you can protect yourself from both humans and wild animals. The moment you have it in your hand, you gain instant security. In a case of self-defense be very careful how you use it.

Clear your way

A knife sharp enough can play the role of machete and cut away all the dense shrubbery in your way. It’s even better if you tie it to a long stick and cut the branches from a distance.

The knife you need
The knife you need

Use it for hunting

This one sounds cruel, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. But, if you’re hungry, you’ll need to try to hunt something. Tie it to a long branch and use it as a spear to throw at animals. If you’re lucky, you may have a rabbit for dinner.

Cleaning a fish

The same spear you would use for hunting, you can use to catch a fish. After catching one, the knife will help you clean it.

Splitting a wood

Place the blade of the knife against the log you want to split, and find a stone or a wooden baton to whack it against the back of the blade. After a while, the log should split. Remember that this trick won’t work with a double-edged knife. Also, be sure to have a good quality knife that can support the pressure.

Start a fire

A must-have for any wilderness adventure
A must-have for any wilderness adventure

Imagine having no lighter, matches, flint-starter or any other fire starting device. If you have a knife, don’t worry. Get some tinder ready and strike the blade against a stone to produce sparks. The sparks will catch in the tinder which will start to smoulder and soon you’ll have your fire going.

Can opener

If you are a serious camper, you should have a can opener among your gear. But if you don’t, use a knife to open a can. Place the top of the blade on the top of the can, and then hit the other end of the knife with a stone, but not too hard. When a small hole opens, keep cutting the rest of the lid until you can get the contents out.

Digging a hole

If you have a knife strong enough to resist the pressure of the ground, you can use it to dig a hole for any purpose you need.

Tool making

You can have your knife hanging on a key chain
You can have your knife hanging on a key chain

A good knife can help you with sharpening a spear, make fishing hooks, tent pets, and other useful items that come to mind. Use your creativity and create all the kit you need by using just a knife.

Make a rope

Use your knife to cut long strips of bark off of trees, then cut those strips into smaller ones and start weaving them together to make a rope.

First Aid

Cutting bandages or pieces of cloth to wrap up a wound, cleaning a wound or getting out pieces of metal or wood are all things your knife can do. Getting out a piece of metal from a wound with your fingers doesn’t sound very pleasant.

Now you know what the most important item is for any true survival adventure. Good luck!

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