Tips on how to fix your phone while traveling

Being addicted to your mobile phone is more or less normal nowadays. Carrying a phone everywhere you go means that your phone will be often be your closest companion on any trip you make. It will help you stay in touch with your friends and family, take photos, find your location, etc. There is no better device than a good quality phone when you travel abroad. Our lives rapidly fall into chaos when something happens to our phones. We feel like we have lost some control over our life and don’t know where to go or what to do. To avoid the panic and the chaos, make sure you learn how to fix any damage to your phone while traveling.

Water damage

If you drop your phone in water, all may not be lost
If you drop your phone in water, all may not be lost

A wet phone doesn’t necessarily mean that your trip and all your plans have to drown along with it. Water damage is one of the most common things that happens to phones while on the road. Whether you’re having a beach vacation or visiting the highest waterfalls in the world, there is a chance that for some reason you drop your phone onto a wet surface. First of all, turn your phone off and then put it in a plastic bag or container full of rice. Keep it like that for two days. The moisture that entered your phone will be absorbed by the rice, and you should be able to use it again after two days.

Shattered screen

If the crack on your screen is not too big, place a protective cover on it and use it that way. If it’s completely shattered, put your phone in a small plastic bag to protect your fingers from cutting on the broken glass. Until you get the screen replaced, this is the only logical solution.

Conserve a low battery

Turn off non-essential apps
Turn off non-essential apps

Extreme weather conditions can affect your phone’s battery. If you need to use your phone on low battery, switch to airplane or battery saver mode. Also, turn off GPS, Facebook and all the game apps that suck your battery’s life.

Fix a frozen phone

If your phone freezes at some point and stops functioning, don’t panic. Press the power button until it turns off and then try to turn it on again. If it’s still not working, remove your phone’s battery (if it’s removable) and leave it outside for a few minutes. If this fails then do a factory reset, which will restore your phone to its original factory settings. All your data will be lost, but at least you’ll have your phone working again.


Overusing your phone or hot weather can cause overheating of the battery. Turn it off and leave it in a cool place. Wait few hours and then turn it on again. Avoid taking your phone to the beach and leaving it in the sun. There have been cases where the battery melts completely and damages the whole device.

Extreme cold

If your phone stops working while you’re on a mountain expedition during winter, don’t try any heating methods with it. Turn it off, wrap it in a cloth, and place it in your pocket. Wait until you reach shelter and try to turn it on at room temperature.

If your phone gets too cold, don’t try to warm it up too quickly
If your phone gets too cold, don’t try to warm it up too quickly

A phone repair shop

If you’re not an Apple owner, then any phone repair shop around the world will help you fix your phone. Buying a new, cheap phone is also an option until you get back home.

In the end, if there is no way to repair your phone and you don’t want to buy a new one, try to enjoy the world without any technological interruptions, at least for few days. Good luck!

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