Tips for packing light

One thing that will guarantee that your holiday will be less than wonderful is an overpacked bag. You will spend precious hours wishing you were in some place where you can just put your bag down. The obvious answer to this problem? TAKE LESS STUFF.

Choose carefully

travel gear. -Author: Steven Coutts – CC BY 2.0
travel gear. -Author: Steven Coutts – CC BY 2.0

When you are preparing for your trip, lay all the things that you think you are going to need out on the floor. Then EDIT IT, putting about half of it to one side. You will need to be ruthless. Or put it all in a bag and walk around the block three times. Come home and think again. Having done this exercise, you will be better able to choose more wisely and choose only those things that are really essential.

Pack smart

Use the space in your suitcase smart
Use the space in your suitcase smart

Pack carefully and sparingly. For example, use the space inside your shoes to pack underwear and socks. This can give you quite a bit of extra space.

Leave it at home

Do not panic about things you may need. In most places you visit, you will likely find shops from which you can buy almost anything.

Fewer toiletries

Keep toiletries to the bare minimum, get your hands on some travel or sample-sized soaps, shampoo, and other toiletries and carry these in a sealed Ziploc bag to prevent possible leakage messing your clothes. A solid shampoo bar is a great choice as it lasts for ages and takes up very little space.

A good bag is essential

Make sure to choose the perfect bag for your trip
Make sure to choose the perfect bag for your trip

A backpack with lots of compartments will allow you to pack all your various things in the same bag. It should be carry-on size, not only for the carry-on reason but the just-able-carry-it-around reason. If you can keep the bag with you at all times, it will save time at check-in and collection. If you have a large bag, you should be able to use the zip-off daypack to carry on board. Otherwise, you would do well to buy a day pack for those times when you can leave the bulk of your luggage in a lockup at your base. Most hostels have lockers into which you can put your bag during the day.

Be organized

The best way to pack clothing is to roll it up. Vacuum bags also work well, as do other packing bags to keep things organized and save space.

Don’t overpack

You don’t have to bring everything
You don’t have to bring everything

Leave some space in your bag on the off chance that you will want to buy something to take home with you. As far as clothes go, you can just wear most of them on the way home rather than fill your bag with them. This could make room for a special something that you may want to buy to remind you of your trip.

Hopefully, these tips will be useful for your next travel adventure. Just have in mind that it isn’t about the things you carry, it’s about the experiences fun you have.

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