Tips on how to go camping in the cold winter

Winter is coming up very soon, and for many people this can be a scary thought because they don’t want to deal with the winter weather. Many people don’t like the cold weather because they believe it stops them from doing all of the outdoor activities that they love. While this is a legitimate concern, just because it’s cold out does not mean that you have to stay indoors waiting for it to get warm again.

For many people camping is one of their favorite activities as it is an incredible way for one to take in nature. It is also a great way to destress and relax while getting away from modern life for a spell. You shouldn’t feel like you cannot do what you want to do just because it is winter and cold outside.

Here are some tips that anybody who wants to go camping in the winter can use.


Ensure you are well insulated from the cold ground
Ensure you are well insulated from the cold ground

First of all, you should know what gear you should take camping with you based on the colder weather. This is something that is very important in order to stay safe and comfortable in the extremely low night time temperatures. If you are not knowledgeable about camping gear, the least you should bring are more clothes than you think so that you can stay warm by adding more and more layers, and wear a hat to bed. If you are bringing a sleeping bag, you can bring more than one to stay warm. You can also bring something that you can put under an air mattress to help keep you off the ground and therefore warmer.

Know your body

Another important point that people need to be aware of while they are camping in the winter months is to know how their body works. They should know if they sleep warm or they sleep cold. They should think about how their body is going to react to colder weather and what they should do to prevent anything bad from happening based on their body type.


Layer your clothing well to keep warm and dry
Layer your clothing well to keep warm and dry

In addition to bringing the right gear and knowing your body, a person should bring the right kind of clothes, given their body preferences and the weather they will be experiencing. Be sure that you have something to put your clothes in so they stay warm and dry. Additionally, you should also know what your body needs in order to stay warm; this is something that may seem elementary, but warmth is very important for any person who is camping in extreme cold. Sometimes it may even help to do some workouts or exercises before going to bed to raise the heart rate and stay warmer that way.


Another tip to stay warm and enjoy camping when it is cold outside is to eat dinner in the evening or have a late night snack. It can pay to eat a hot meal right before going to sleep, and also that the meal has a good amount of fat in it. This is important because fats metabolize more slowly than carbohydrates, thereby lasting longer in the body while sleeping. Cheese and olive oil are great options for this because they are fatty foods that also taste really good while keeping you warm during cold winter nights.


Another tip is to maximize the insulation already available. Be sure to get the right sleeping bag. There are many sleeping bags that work to trap in the air so you can stay truly warm while nuzzled up inside it. Using a liner made from silk is a worthwhile investment. Also be sure to set up the tent the right way to minimize the amount of wind or cold air that gets in. In addition, don’t be afraid to use more than just your sleeping bag to cover you up and keep you warm.

You do not need to restrict yourself to just one layer; you can bring other blankets or wear more clothing so that you are really layering up. Once you have planned for layers of clothing and equipment, you are unlikely to become too cold.

Dry and warm

An important thing, especially if there is snow around, is that you keep your stuff warm and dry. This is especially important when it comes to gear that you are going to sleep with. Sleeping with wet items can really go a long way toward making you feel colder and eventually making you ill. Don’t risk a bad camping experience by allowing your stuff to get wet.

Waking up in the tent on a stunning winter morning
Waking up in the tent on a stunning winter morning

Winter camping can certainly be hard at times; there are a lot more factors that you have to consider when you’re going to be outside all night in freezing weather temperatures. For those who have decided that the extra work is worth it, the rewards will be plentiful. It can be absolutely beautiful in the winter, the way the surrounding wilderness looks with snow on it or even just with the leaves off the trees. It can look absolutely stunning, and many people find it even more relaxing than camping would be when it’s warmer.

For one thing, there are not as many people out camping in cold weather. This could be a much more remote camping trip as you are unlikely to be bothered by other people. Just be properly prepared and know what to do to stay warm and safe and have a good time while camping in the winter.

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