12 Quick tips on using duct tape to save the day

Duct tape
Duct tape

Duct tape is the probably the number one multi-use object we all have in our homes, cars, and toolkits. It’s an inexpensive part of our equipment and can be used to repair almost everything.

Easy to carry around, we use it to fix things in the house, while camping, and in emergency situations. Duct tape can be your best friend in extreme survival so be sure it’s always around you. Don’t underestimate this simple product and give it a try on your next camping trip.


Transparent duct tape Photo Credit
Transparent duct tape Photo Credit

Repair a tent

Is there something worse than opening a tent at a campsite and see there is a hole in it? Don’t despair duct tape is here to help. Cover the hole with a duct tape patch and keep the insects outside your tent.


Make a clothesline

Twisting around a piece of duct tape makes a perfect rope to dry your wet sweaty clothes.

Fix your sleeping bag 

Tired of feathers flying inside your tent? Put a piece of duct tape on the hole of your sleeping bag and have a peaceful night without swallowing any feathers.



With a color duct tape, you can make rescue signals to attract attention and send messages.

Mark a trail

Use a duct tape to mark the trees in the forest so you can find your way back. (Do remove the tape afterwards)

Broken ribs protection

If you have broken your ribs while lost in the wilderness, don’t panic. You can provide support for your cracked ribs rolling a duct tape around the rib cage. Be sure to wear a shirt underneath to protect your skin.


Repair a fishing boat

A small crack in a fishing boat can be fixed by applying a duct tape. It may not last forever but will get you safe to the shore.


Inflatable boat Photo Credit
Inflatable boat Photo Credit

 Fix your glasses 

If your glasses break while hiking tape them up with a duct tape. Maybe you won’t like your new look, but at least you can see.

Make a bandage

Fold a towel or toilet paper, cover the wound and cover it with duct tape. It will protect you from infections and keep the wound clean.

Protect a sprained ankle 

If you sprain your ankle while in the wilderness wrap it with duct tape to give it support. It will help you walk to the nearest help.  Wrap it like the support strap below.


Sprained ankle Photo Credit
Sprained ankle Photo Credit

Make a shelter

With a duct tape and some trash bags, you can create a sleeping bag cover or a wind break.

Repair a water bottle 

Put a patch of duct tape on your leaking bottle. Be sure to dry the surface before you try to tape it.  water bottles are a good place to store some duct tape, just wrap it around the bottle and it will be ready for use when you need it.


Water bottles Photo Credit
Water bottles Photo Credit


As you can see duct tape is something that you always need to have handy while camping or hiking. This multi-purpose tape will help you resolve some urgent situations and save you from despair. Make sure you carry enough on your next trip and maybe you will find some new uses for it.

Good luck and enjoy your next adventure.


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