The Top 10 Sunglasses for the Outdoorsman

Being outside exposes us to a variety of elements, whether it’s the weather, all sorts of critters and creatures, or the sun itself. Your eyes are one of your most precious possessions, allowing you to experience the world through sight.

The more you are outdoors and exposed to the sun, the more your eyes will be put under strain.

Protecting your eyes when outdoors is important.
Protecting your eyes when outdoors is important.

What you need is a good pair of quality sunglasses that won’t hinder your performance while providing adequate protection. Here are some ideas.

1. Spy Rover

Among the highest quality sunglasses for the outdoor market available, Spy Optic Rover sunglasses are versatile enough to wear when you are in the snow, when you are mountain biking, or even when going for a hike. They have a glare resistance lens treatment that also has a specific wavelength filter designed to make you feel optimistic and happy, to help improve your mood on a gloomy day.

2. Julbo Trek

The Trek sunglasses are ideal for the high-altitude outdoorsman who needs protection from dust, wind, or even the stray branch that’s determined on catching you in the face while climbing, hiking, or mountain biking. They are lightweight too, making them easy to wear at high speeds. The Treks also come with an adjustable design to keep them in place even in high wind.

3. Half Jacket 2.0

Oakley is well-known for making quality sunglasses and that also includes sunglasses made for performance. Their Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses have interchangeable lenses as well as a lightweight and easy-to-wear frame. They will stay on comfortably no matter how much you sweat, with pads giving them an extra strong grip. As the range is so diverse, you can also pick out a different set of lenses if you have a particular preference. The lenses that come with it are polarized as well as photochromatic, making them a wonder to wear on a sunny day.

4. Tifosi Podium

The best sunglasses for a bargain price, the Tifosi Podium sunglasses won’t break your budget, but still do an excellent job protecting your eyes in the outdoors. They do not have polarized lenses, but they do still have 100 percent UV protection as well as removable nose and ear pieces. With the pieces attached, you can ensure the glasses are not going to slip off your nose when you work up a sweat.

5. Equinox

Zeal Optics’ Equinox sunglasses are made for runners. The moment you put them on, you will feel like you are able to run faster than ever! The sunglasses are adjustable, ensuring that they will fit your face perfectly while protecting your eyes from the intensity of the sun. Another plus is that they are made from plant-based materials, making them eco-friendly.

6. Electric Stacker

These sunglasses are unique in the world of glasses. They have a removable eye mask that can be added or removed as needed depending on what activity you are doing. With airflow built in, the Electric Stackers are not going to fog up on you while keeping themselves comfortably sitting on your face.

7. Costa South Sea

Made for the open water, the Costa South Sea is a great choice for fishermen and sailors. Made with corrosion resistant materials, the water is not going to rust your frames, while they’ll easily stop the glare off of the water, making it easy to see into it even on an exceptionally sunny day. The nose pads should also help keep them in place during high winds or when you are moving at high speeds.

8. Rudy Project’s Hypermask

Excellent for cyclists and runners alike, the Hypermask’s are ultralight and have an adjustable nosepiece, something that not all sunglasses can claim. They also provide 100 percent UV protection, making them ideal for triathlon athletes. With their unique wraparound design, these sunglasses are meant to improve your aerodynamic performance and not distract you from the task at hand.

9. Switch Tioga

Switch Tioga sunglasses have a solution to the problem of changing to different lenses. Instead of a complicated and fiddly process, Switch Tioga sunglasses have a Magnetic Interchange System, developed by Switch, that allows you to swap out lenses depending on your activity, letting you change from snow glare protection to cycling protection to water glare protection, as and when you need. The magnets are strong enough to keep the lenses where they need to be while still allowing you to swap them out when needed.

10. POC Require

For more general sunglasses, the POC Require is an excellent choice for casual wear. The lenses are made from nylon, making them lightweight and easy to wear all day long comfortably. They are also made with a lens tint to make them versatile enough to work in the city as well as in the great outdoors.

Sunglasses: it’s worth getting the right pair for your chosen activity.
Sunglasses: it’s worth getting the right pair for your chosen activity.

There are plenty other sunglasses out on the market that could suit your needs, but be sure that they have the protections that you should need. Sunglasses should have 100 percent UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from the harmful sunrays. While not always needed, polarized sunglasses are also a nice choice as they really do take off the glare and going about most outdoor activities easier to see.

Some brands can be used for more than one activity.
Some brands can be used for more than one activity.

Regardless of the kind of sunglasses you would like, do remember to wear them. Not only will it protect your eyes from sun damage, but they can also help improve your outdoor experience or sport performance, helping you deal with weather conditions that would otherwise make it hard to see clearly or that may have been distracting. Your sunglasses should have a good fit as well, so pay attention to sizes if they are available, or check out the adjustable sunglasses that are on offer. Your eyes will thank you.

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