5 of the most haunted roads in the world – still ready for that road trip?

The old US 80 highway bridge
The old US 80 highway bridge


A portion of the Old Ridge Route in Lebec, that was bypassed when U.S. Highway 99 was made. It is known locally as "Dead Man's Curve." Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
A portion of the Old Ridge Route in Lebec, that was bypassed when U.S. Highway 99 was made. It is known locally as “Dead Man’s Curve.” Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

We hardly perceive roads as anything else then a platform used by our cars to take us from Point A to point B. However, these roads often carry history with them, sometimes a sinister past that could send a shiver or two down your spine. Following is a brief list of some of the creepiest roads on the planet.

A75 Kinmont Straight, South West Scotland

Not your typical dangerous road, the A75 Kinmon Straight has been gaining a more sinister reputation over the years for its association with ghost sightings. There have been numerous reports of unexplained phenomenon and hauntings over the stretch of the road. The route is thus appropriately nicknamed the ghost road and attracts many enthusiasts who obviously leave with their own version of hauntings on the road.

Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania

This small section of the road is surrounded by thick and dark forest that reportedly housed a number of cults in the past. According to the locals, the road has a profound unexplained effect on animals who become angry after entering the area and start chasing people and other animals. People driving through the road have reported seeing dark figures and white-dressed woman staring at them from the forest. Local residents believe that the cults in past have left curses and remnants of their dark art in the forest that gave rise to this phenomenon.

Dead Man’s Curve, Clermont County, Ohio

On the intersection where 222 meets State Route (SR) 125 in Clermont County, there is a haunted turning which has been associated with a horrible incident followed by haunted sightings over the years. The story of the Dead man’s curve had started on the fateful night of October 19, 1969: a deadly head-on collision between a 68 Impala with a 69 Impala resulted in five deaths, there was only one survivor. Ever since the tragic accident the intersection has gained a legendary status due to the sightings of a ‘faceless hitchhiker’ ghost. Witnesses report of a young guy waving for lift mainly in the dark nights, and once you get close to him, he has no face which is shocking and scary at the same time.

Boone County

Very similar to the Dead Man’s curve there is another intersection, in Boone County Illinois that locals are absolutely horrified of. The epicentre of haunted sightings is reportedly the Bloods Point Road where witnesses have experienced all kinds of paranormal activities. According to the residents of the towns nearby the phenomenon is the result of a number of events that occurred in the surrounding area. People speak of suicides, revenge hangings, murders and of a witch that lived near the intersection and apparently cursed the land when she left.

Stocksbridge By-Pas, England

The Stocksbridge by-pas has seen over the years a number of modifications. Formerly a significant part of the famous M67 motorway in England the bypass has been downgraded to a dual carriageway and then again into a single carriage way a few years later. The construction of the road was completed in 1989, and it runs around the northern end of the Stocksbridge and its serene valley.

The paranormal activities on the road has sparked a number of brief investigations in the past as the experiences reported by the locals had been extremely vivid. People have seen very young children playing along the road in the middle of the night. First official investigation of the activity was sparked after a number of people reported a monk standing on the bridge and staring people in the eye. Perhaps the most terrifying and gut-wrenching experience reported from the site is when some people claimed that they saw the monk sitting in their car with them while passing through the by-pass.



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