Footage of a Goat That Enters Police Car & Eats Paperwork

Doug Williams
Credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Office

The personality of a goat is very much “I do what I want”.  They will attempt to eat everything from sunglasses to tin cans and important paperwork as a Douglas County, Georgia deputy sheriff discovered.

According to, the officer, who was wearing a body camera, was serving papers to a household in a neighborhood where she often has trouble with dogs so she leaves the cruiser’s car door open in case she has to make a hasty retreat.

When she turned around to go back to her car, she found a goat on the seat chewing on her paperwork.  Of course, the goat had no intention of giving up his cozy space no matter what the officer did to try to get him out.

Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

She tried running from one side of the car pushing the goat’s behind to get him out of the car then to the other side to get papers away from him.  She keeps telling him to “go on” and “get out” while he contentedly ignores her.  She finally pushes the goat out of the passenger seat while a neighborhood dog sees the fun and runs over to join in.

Once the goat is out, he proceeds to toss the paperwork all over the ground while he continues to munch away.  She got to the other side of the car to shut the passenger door and attempted to get more papers from the goat who promptly head butted her knocking her to the ground.  The officer wasn’t hurt and can be heard laughing and cussing a little on the video at

This Georgia goat was only one of many who have had close encounters with police officers.  In Warwickshire, England last February the Police’s Rural Crime Team discovered Peggy the goat pretending to be a hood ornament on their police car.

Rural Crime Officer Carol Cotterill tried to coax the animal from the hood of the car and later remarked, “Persuaded her it was better to stay at the farm than come back with me to the station, but she thought I was kidding. Whatever floats your goat!” according to

According to, in 2017 Sergeant Fitzpatrick of the Belfast Police Department in Maine found two pygmy goats wandering around in a parking lot and ushered them into the back seat of his cruiser.

He let them ride with him for a while and showed them the finer points of police work while the department posted a lost and found message on Facebook.

Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

After taking a few snaps, he checked Facebook and the owners had posted that the goats’ names were Louis and Mowgli and where Sgt. Fitzpatrick could go to bring the goats home.

The kids must have been well behaved as the Department’s Facebook post claimed, “… Perhaps in the next budget year we can inquire as to getting some patrol goats.”

In August of 2020 two cheeky goats flaunted the law near Newport on the Isle of Wight. tells us that The Royal Navy Explosives Team and the police were detonating an old World War II bomb discovered by the locals.

Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

When they returned to their vehicles, vandals had damaged the roof of one of them and the thugs were still there investigating the light bar.  The police shooed them off but not until after they had taken the best mug shots they could get and appealed to the public to call police if they were seen.

In the southern Indian city of Chennai as many as twelve goats grazing near the police station brazenly jumped up on policeman Ganesh Babu’s brand new maroon Innova police car damaging the windshield, the wipers and scratching the paint.

The police were only able to track down three of the gang and according to the, they had previous records of vandalism on other vehicles around town.

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The owner surrendered the hoodlums to the Society for the Protection of Animals to get them out of police custody and it was reported that the goats are well fed and getting healthier in their rehabilitation.


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