It’s not the fastest bike, but boy it can go places

Trojan 2x2
Trojan 2x2

Have you ever heard of the Russian firm Motovezedhody?  Me neither until I caught site of this mini marvel, it looks a bit like a toy bike, but it’s definitely not a toy but rather a go anywhere 2 wheeled monster, a nice monster that is.

It’s called a Taurus 2X2 and its designed to go anywhere, well, nearly anywhere and anywhere you can’t get it to go you can pick it up and carry it because it’s ultra lightweight (well, for a bike) at about 132 pounds.  It’s been designed around a hollow tube frame, and as much of the cabling and pipes as possible have been fitted into the hollow frame which also protects them from the rigors of use.


The engine in the Taurus is tiny, it’s made by Honda (four stroke GX210, gas engine) and produces 7bhp, yep, just 7bhp in a bike.  It’s a reliable engine with a gas tank of 3 gallons but it can make those 3 gallons last for 10 hours of riding so it’s an economical machine, which is good considering the top end is just 22 miles an hour, but considering where it can go I’m not sure I’d want to be going much faster than that.


Trojan 2x2
Trojan 2×2

Wheels and Suspension

Well, the wheels are huge, they’re 12 inches wide and 25 inches high and they run at just 3psi, the suspension it easy to maintain because it doesn’t have any, that’s right, the comfort on this bike comes from those lovely soft tyres, although we’ve not ridden one yet so maybe that’s hopeful thinking.

What do tires do provide is the means to travel across nearly anything, up to 18 inches of snow, pools of water, mud, up stairs, hills and more, the list goes on.  The bike will even float because of the huge fat tires.

Trojan 2x2 dismantled
Trojan 2×2 dismantled


So, this isn’t the most practical bike to ride around, so this is where it gets even cooler, you can take this thing apart in just minutes, literally, wheels off, handlebars, engine, seat and fit it all into 2 bags that can go in the trunk keeping everything neat and tidy.

Trojan 2x2 in the trunk
Trojan 2×2 in the trunk

The Trojan’s not available outside of Russia yet and if you get one from there it will be about $1700 and you need ship it to your home country yourself.  They’re hoping to have distribution to other countries within the next 6 months so if you’re patient you can hopefully buy one local.

Engine:                       4 stroke, gasoline powered. like Honda GX-210

Displacement:             210 cc.

Horsepower:                7 h.p.

Fuel:                           gasoline.

Engine start:                Electric\ manual

Drivetrain:                    2 speeds forward.

Fuel-Tank Capacity:     4 liters.(About 2-3 working hours )

Brakes:                       Separate disk brakes

Tyre size:                    25х12-9 KingTyre

Tyre pressure:             0.1- 0.2 атм.

Weight:                       89kg. (without starter, battery and led light) \ 93kg (with starter, battery and led light)

Max speed:                 35 km\h

Max depth of snow cover overcaome: 45 sm

Fasl folding capability.


Trojan 2x2
Trojan 2×2


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