The Revolutionary Inflatable, Airtight, Waterproof Capsula Backpack

Paul Pinkerton

Imagination Farm USA, LLC has introduced the Capsula Backpack on Kickstarter, which CEO Massimo Mellano describes as a backpack unlike any other that’s ever been developed.

“In the luggage market there are traditional, fashion, technical, and monothematic (e.g. for photographers) bags and backpacks but never one like Capsula – which can stay airtight underwater for 30 minutes without leaking,” Mellano said. “It has an inflating valve that even turns it into an airbag, which makes it shock resistant when inflated, so Capsula protects everything inside.”

While working with a partner on an airtight zipper Mellano’s team made an “amazing discovery” during testing.

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“To test watertight and airtight performance, we created a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case that was 3D HF welded and completely impermeable and closed it with this special zipper. We then added an inflating valve for the demonstration,” Mellano said. “Our partner was astonished…and so were we.”

Since it’s an inflatable bag, Mellano says it “offers a completely new backpack experience.”

Born out of the company’s “creative lab” in Milan, Italy, Capsula also has stylish looks – featuring an elegant rectangular shape with two comfortable handles and adjustable shoulder straps, so Capsula can be configured to be carried like a briefcase as well.

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Capsula has a modular design, and the presentation page shows it’s an innovative concept of interior space subdivision with capsules of different sizes and colors inside – which are all removable and can be worn on the user’s waist. It also has a front pocket that offers easy access for essential items. Like a Matryoshka system, the color coded tile-styled capsules, fit in camera and laptop bags, while the camera and laptop bag fits into the backpack.

With its customizable internal system, it’s possible to manage an optimal weight distribution inside the backpack. Capsula’s special hook and loop system guarantees perfect fixing of the elements inside the bags without risk of damaging other items stored inside.

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Capsula offers double internal security thanks to its two inflatable and watertight camera & carry bag and laptop & carry bag dedicated to the computer and camera equipment. Both bags can be placed separately in the Capsula backpack to reach double super secure protection.

Also, because of the waterproof zipper, it’s thermal so desired temperatures can be maintained inside Capsula.
The watertight zipper is also a safe lock, and therefore a great deterrent in busy places.

“Whether it’s used as a bag, backpack or carried like a briefcase, we’re very proud of Capsula,” Massimo said. “We think it really is the kind of product that’s lacking in the market and can satisfy everyone’s needs. It’s truly the bag reinvented, and a way to keep any fragile item super protected.”

Capsula is available in a laptop carry package, camera and carry package (both $88), or in its full backpack/sling and briefcase configuration for $169 (nearly a $100 discount from the future retail price) during crowdfunding. For more information, visit:

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