Stunning Snow Corridor on the ‘Rooftop of Japan’ Reopens to Tourists

Photo Credit: Maximilian Müller / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Maximilian Müller / Getty Images

For some, winter is the best time of year. As such, they wish it could last longer than just a few months. Well, if you live in Japan or are planning a trip there in the next few months, you can keep living out your wintertime dreams a wee bit longer. The famed Tateyama Snow Corridor is officially reopening on April 15, 2023, and its 20-meter-high snow walls are the perfect destination for those looking to forget we’re currently in the middle of spring.

Crowd standing within the Tateyama Snow Corridor
Photo Credit: Zhang Xiaoyu / Xinhua / Getty Images

The Snow Corridor is located along the side of Tateyama, one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains,” in the southeastern portion of Toyama Prefecture. Each winter, it receives a significant amount of snowfall, which the government and local tourism board uses to produce a popular tourist destination.

The 500-meter-long stretch of wall, which rises as high as 20 meters, marks the start of the 90-kilometer Alpine Route, which is cleared by snowplow drivers at the end of the season. Open annually from mid-April to the end of June, the road offers views of the country’s highest waterfall and hot spring, all of which are situated in an area known as the “Rooftop of Japan.”

Unobstructed views of the peaks of Tateyama and nearby Mount Akazawa-dake are also offered.

Sign pointing in the direction of the Tateyama Snow Corridor
Photo Credit: Zhang Xiaoyu / Xinhua / Getty Images

The Snow Corridor is opening as part of the annual snow festival along the Tateyama Alpine Road. Other attractions include an igloo and a snow tunnel at Daikanbo station, which also features an observation deck overlooking the mountains. New this year is the “Let’s Break the Snow Wall” event, where visitors can dig a part of the trail themselves.

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Given the popularity of the Tateyama Alpine Road, it’s expected that crowds will be rather large over the next few weeks. Officials suggest anyone looking to skip the rush visit the area in June, when the number of visitors is drastically reduced. While the Snow Corridor will have melted some, it’s still expected that the walls will be around 10 meters high – equally as awe-inspiring!


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