Outcry After Wild Boar Who Nicked Naked Sunbather’s Laptop ‘could be killed’

Doug Williams
Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach
Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach

Just when it seemed safe to enjoy a few hearty laughs at the expense of a Berlin man in favour of a cheeky wild boar, the authorities – never famous for a sense of humour in any land – have decided the wild boar (and her piglets) pose peril to park goers and may have to be punished.

And by punished, they mean killed.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when a German gentleman enjoying a few hours clothes free at the Teufelssee Lake resort in west Berlin became the unwitting “victim” of a porker’s prank.

The cheeky wild boar had just feasted on another park goer’s pizza when it decided the yellow bag beside the nude gentleman looked inviting. It scrambled over, picked up the bag – which just happened to contain the gentleman’s lap top – and pranced off with it.

Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach
Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach

But the gentleman in question wasn’t about to give up his lap top without a fight, or at least not without a chase. And so he ran after the boar, without bothering to bend down and don at least a shirt or pull on a pair of pants. He bobbed along in his “birthday suit,” and his persistence paid off, because the boar soon dropped the bag, the gentleman retrieved it, and the episode ended well, to everyone’s delight.

The entire event was captured in photographs by Adele Landauer, who was also at the park that afternoon. When she contacted the naked gentleman to request his permission to post the pictures to her social media account, he showed great, good humour and promptly agreed.

Wild boars and other wildlife – such as foxes – are not uncommon in Berlin lakeside resorts, and people have learned to simply enjoy their presence and laugh at their antics. Boars are quite commonplace in other countries as well, such as Italy.

Alas, once the authorities in Berlin caught wind of the incident, they decided that – for reasons no one seems to fathom – the pig presents peril to people at the park. And therefore, they said in a recent statement, the wild boar and its piglets must be “removed” from the area. Social media promptly lost its mind, a petition against such a move was initiated, and thousands have signed up to protect the pig from becoming pork chops, or dog food, or whatever it is boars morph into once executed.

But the officials seem determined to go ahead with plans to kill the poor pigs, saying in a statement that they have to be “withdrawn as a matter of priority.” Presumably that means that people take precedence over pigs in any scenario, even if the people protest the move as inhumane and unnecessarily cruel.

So far, the folks in charge have not said why they feel it’s appropriate to kill the piglets, too, although they were indeed with their mama when the original “crime” took place.  Perhaps authorities feel they can’t be rehabilitated at this stage of their lives.

In Germany, nude sunbathing is not the scandalous endeavour it is thought to be in so many other nations. In fact, it is considered a healthy way to pass a few hours in the sun, and no one takes offence, no matter the body type, age or gender of the person who has shed their clothes. All in all, it’s likely a much healthier approach to nudity, the body, and health than many societies have.

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Ms. Landauer has the petition on her Facebook page, and the more feedback she gets in her efforts to protect the porkers, the more likely she will be able to spare them the butcher’s axe.

Contact her at: adelelandauer_lifecoach on Instagram, if you’d like to add your voice to the chorus of opposition.


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