Nudist Chases After Wild Boar who Nicked his Laptop

Doug Williams
Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach
Credit: Adele Landauer/@adelelandauer_lifecoach

Wild Boar: It’s one thing to surreptitiously enjoy a little nude sunbathing at a secluded spot somewhere sunny, hot and private.

It’s another thing entirely to do it blatantly in public, end up chasing a wild animal without any clothes on, then having the good humour to let someone photograph you mid-chase and post those pictures to social media for all to see.

But that’s exactly what one man did, and allowed, when he was snapped mid stride going full tilt after a cheeky wild boar made off with his bag, a bag that happened to contain his lap top.

Why the pig decided to pick up the bag and make off with it isn’t clear — the pig’s not talking — but fortunately the porker dropped it while running and the owner was able to retrieve his computer.

So all ended well for the naked man and the pig  — not a situation this writer ever thought she’d be describing in any article, ever.

It all may sound a little off colour and perhaps even illegal, but not in Germany, because lakeside resorts encourage sunbathing in one’s “birthday suit,” as the euphemism goes.

A crowd had gathered at Teufelssee, in western Berlin, to enjoy some fun in the summer’s heat, and many were indulging in what is called “free body culture”, or FKK. The gentleman who was “victimized” by the bold boar was relaxing one moment, then all of a sudden the creature picked up the bag holding the expensive computer between his teeth and ran off.

Nearby, Adele Landauer had the presence of mind to pick up her camera and shoot some very funny photographs. When she contacted her naked subject later to ask permission to post the pictures to her Facebook page — a rare gesture of civility in this day and age — he said, ‘by all means, I don’t mind at all,’ or words to that effect.

He said that in German, of course, but the end result got a whole lot of likes to Landauer’s social media pages, and earned the unidentified man praise for his great good humour.

Just as nude sunbathing is not uncommon in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, as it is not considered rude or shameful but downright healthy for body and soul, neither is it uncommon to find friendly animals roaming the areas nudists enjoy.

Other countries like Italy have seen a surge in wild boar populations too, although in the latter nation they are indeed a nuisance because they have invaded and destroyed some farmers’ fields.

But in Germany, they seem to be simply sidling up to bathers to see what kind of mischief they can create, and on this sunny day in early August, it was swiping the computer bag belonging to the German gentleman.

And it isn’t only wild boars that have made their way to these lakeside areas; according to local wildlife experts, foxes have been spotted near sunbathing beaches too.

“We urge people not to panic in such a case,” said local advocate Derek Ehlert. “We have so far had no injuries — the animals are quite used to people.”

After all, it is actually the people who are on the animals’ turf, not the other way around.

The animals may be trying to find a snack, or they are simply express curiosity about the bathers, but rarely do they cause any real damage or get up to much mischief.

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In Germany, at least, it seems that man and beast coexist in harmony, neither one causing much trouble for the other, even when sharing popular beaches and parks. It’s only when one makes off with the property of the other that momentary trouble — and hilarity — ensue.


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