Bannock bread – the best campfire bread ever created

Who can honestly say they don’t like bread cooked while they’re out camping? And if you’ve not tried camp bread then you’ve got to add it to your list of next activities.

Here at Outdoor Revival HQ we love the stuff, so much so that we sometimes get out during the day just to bake some up and share it with the others. Delicious stuff.

So, here are some tips on making your own lovely Bannock bread.


Bannock bread is something that is easy to make and cook around a campfire and as we know, nothing tastes as good as it does when cooked on an open fire.

This mixture unlike others is a dry mix and can be stored until needed then only requirement is just a bit of water when needed.


1. 3 x Cups of Flour

2. 2 x Cups of Powdered Milk

3. 1 x Cup of Raisins

4. 2 x Tbsp. of Sugar

5. 1 x Tbsp. Baking Powder

6. Luke Warm Water


1 x Baking Tin or Medium Bake Bean Tin or Frying Pan

1 x Large Mixing Bowl

1 x Tinfoil

Grease Proof Paper


This can be done in multiple ways,

Oven – Bread Tin

Campfire – Hobo Oven

Campfire – Twister Stick

Campfire – Frying Pan

Step 1: Oven

Preset your oven to 150c (This is a fan oven).


Step 2: Mixing Step 1 of 2

Picture of Mixing Step 1 of 2
Picture of Mixing Step 1 of 2

Get your mixing bowl and put ingredients 1 to 5 in together and mix all ingredients together to create the dry mix.

CAMPING: If you are planning to take away bag up and move to
STEP 3 when at base camp.

Step 3: Mixing Step 2 of 2

Picture of Mixing Step 2 of 2
Picture of Mixing Step 2 of 2

Slowly add the warm water till you get a good dough bread consistency, Line your tin with the Gease Proof Paper then Roll your dough into a ball and then put into your tin and leave in a warm area to settle for 20-30 minutes (if using yeast instead of baking powder).

Step 4: Cooking

Picture of Cooking
Picture of Cooking

OVEN: Put your bread tin in the oven

and cook till golden brown approx. 55 – 70 minutes (With a Fan Oven) (But My Very On Oven)Remember when cooking on ember the heat is anywhere from 615 – 1200 Celsius.

FIRE Hobo Oven: Place Tin Can into Hobo Oven on top of 3 stones and place tinfoil over top of the larger tin.

FIRE Twister Sticks: Get sticks you know aren’t poisonous and get some dough and twist around sticks and hold close to fire – Cook till golden.

FIRE Frying Pan: Place tin next to fire and rotate slowly.

Step 5: ENJOY

Once happy remove and ENJOY.
Once happy remove and ENJOY.


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