Camouflage yourself in a hostile environment


In a survival situation, the last thing you’ll wish for is to be seen by a potential predator. You may find camouflage very useful for hiding yourself, your shelter and your movements.

You may be caught in a situation to escape from humans or animals. In both cases, the best way to survive is to be invisible.

Sometimes, hunger is not your worst enemy while lost in the wild. So it’s necessary to learn how to be unnoticeable in moments of extreme danger.


It maybe sounds like an action movie, but you never know what can happen on your next wilderness trip. It’s better to be prepared than have regrets.


The human silhouette is recognizable from a distance by animals or other humans, so you need to change your shape and outline. Tie vegetation and sticks on your clothes and your equipment. Be sure to be covered with leaves and dirt while hiding and switch off any device that makes noise.

Depending on the area where you are hiding you need to change your disguise. Each part of the world has different colors and texture, so you will have to adjust your colors. For example, it makes no sense to cover yourself with brown colors while hiding in a green field. Or, to wear a bright yellow jacket while trying to hide in a rocky area. Acting like a chameleon is what you need to learn. Change your color depending on the background.



As skin gets oily, it stars shining. Many pieces of your equipment like binoculars, compass, bottles, zippers, watches and other smooth surfaces also shine and attract attention. Cover all shiny gear when not in use. As for your skin, cover it with clothing, mud, and dirt.

Also, always hide in a deep shadow, closer to the trees or whatever feature is creating a shadowed area. If you come to the outer part of the shadow, predators can see you easier.


Hide in a dense forest and make sure to move very slowly. Slow movements will not only save you energy but also make less noise. By moving slowly in a survival situation, you decrease the chance of detection and conserve energy that you may need for long-term survival.



Breaking twigs can make a lot of noise and attract attention. Try to make as little noise as possible. Some natural sounds like rain can help you cover your noise, but it will also stop you from hearing the movement of the others.

Another important thing is to eliminate the human odor by washing your clothes without soap. Animals recognize the scent of a human, so try to wash it away. Do not use strong smelling foods, cosmetics, tobacco or chewing gums. You need to convert yourself into a stinky animal and stay incognito.


Hiding place Photo Credit
Hiding place Photo Credit

Staying alive is the most important thing. People do crazy things when their lives are in danger. Follow these tips whenever you find yourself in a survival situation and don’t provoke anyone, especially if you get lost. Stay smart and safe!


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