The Life in the Country – some useful tips

Doug Williams
CC BY-SA 3.0
CC BY-SA 3.0

Escaping the mind numbing noise of urban life to the serene mind-rejuvenating mountains is a dream most of us city-dwellers see every night.

However, an odd hike in the mountains is nothing like settling in the hinterlands; you need to acquire certain skill sets that you were probably unaware of.

Life in the woods can be rewarding in so many different ways that its unimaginable, consider following important skills if and when you decide to pack your bags for some real living experience.

Know Yourselves.

Better to write down all the skills you already have, traits that you may have learnt a decade ago can still be relevant for a better life in the country.

The whole idea of living in the woods is to be self-sufficient, therefore every ounce of skills that you can muster is a bonus. But don’t panic, the absence of any special skills must not stop you from pursuing a dream of country home, as there will always be time to learn new skills before and after you decide to move.

Know Your Community

There is always a chance of other people already living in the area you are deciding to move, so try to know their skills and interests.

The best way to do that is to start little, avoid lengthy questioning, that could put them off altogether. Have a mind map of all the surrounding families regarding their interests and skills so that they could come handy in your future.

Country is Nothing Like the City

In the cities, no one really cares about who and what you are, in the country that is not the case. Sooner or later you will definitely earn some sort of reputation: a one-liner that people in the woods might use to describe you.

Therefore, it is really crucial that you start off really good and try to build a positive reputation, little by little.

Nature is a Peculiar thing

Love trees all you want, it’s cool to be a tree hugger, but it’s one thing to appreciate nature while watching a documentary on YouTube, and it’s an entirely different experience to live inside the thick of nature.

Surely living in the woods you have to make sure you don’t ruin the natural beauty, but know that nature will also protect you. Don’t be afraid of cutting a few trees down or hunting a few cute animals for your survival.

Respect Your Arms

If you hate guns then it’s probably not a good idea to move to woods, purely because living inside the belly of nature, you need your arms by your side all the time.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is going to be threatened, but this is how things are in the mountains. You must know your weapons, respect for the weapon is a must.

Part of a Community

Although you probably would not be sharing a wall with other people, you will have to adapt to a close-knit social set up that communities in the woods often adhere to.

You will have to be mindful of your people and must not hesitate to come to their aid, as this will ensure help in case you need it in the future.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival