Top long lasting foods for disaster preparedness

Food storage essentials
Food storage essentials

When stockpiling food for survival, you will immediately be limited to only a few select foods because the majority of foods are not suitable for stockpiling.



The food that you stockpile for survival need to be foods that are long lasting, don’t require freezing or refrigeration and are nutritious.



Fortunately, you have options, and we’re going to discuss seven of those options in this article. But remember that for these foods to store properly, you still have to do your part and store them in proper conditions.

Here are the top seven long lasting foods for disaster preparedness, presented in alphabetical order:



Beans are a classic survival food and you more than likely expected to see them on this list. Virtually any kind of dried beans will work well for stockpiling, including garbanzo beans, black beans, pinto beans, or kidney beans to name a few.

Beans are great for stockpiling because they come packed with proteins, calories, minerals, and vitamins, and they will last for a long time. They are also very easy to use for food and you can store them virtually anywhere, whether it be your home, your office, or even your car.



As a final plus, beans are also inexpensive and a great way to stockpile food on the cheap. If you’re looking for a nutritious and easy-to-make food with a long shelf life, dried beans are the way to go.



Who doesn’t like coffee? Even if you’re not a coffee person yourself, you should still stockpile some anyway just because it’s going to be an insanely valuable trading item when you have to barter.



Coffee also has a number of health benefits that make it worth stockpiling. It can help to boost your mood in the morning or whenever you need it most, and it’s an excellent morale booster in a time when you’re stressed out.

The rush of caffeine can also give you the extra energy you need to complete a task when you’re feeling tired or drowsy.

Energy Bars


When properly stored most energy bars will last you for six months to a year. But the real reason why you should stockpile them is because of how convenient and portable they are. You can stuff a couple in your pocket while hiking or embarking on an errand outside of your home.


Energy bars are also packed with essential nutrients and protein, and they come in virtually every kind of flavor you can imagine. While they should not be a priority in your food stockpile, having a few boxes on hand will definitely be worth the effort of storing them.



Honey is on this list for one reason: it lasts forever! In fact, the Honey found in the tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs was still good and perfectly edible. While the color and consistency of honey can switch due to changes in temperature, it’s still perfectly safe to eat. This includes crystallized honey, which can be melted down after being exposed to heat.



All in all, honey is not a core survival food, but it will serve as a great addition to many meals, and its infinite shelf life makes it a survival stockpile must.



Go to your grocery store and look for bulk packs of nuts. Specifically, you’ll want to look for unsalted and unshelled nuts as these are the best options for prepping (salted nuts will only make you more thirsty).



The best kinds of nuts to store will be sunflower seeds, walnuts, and almonds, as they are very high in minerals, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids. Store them in bulk packs or containers and they can serve as an excellent snack for when you need a quick burst of energy.

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is filled to the bring with fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and protein. The longest lasting kinds will be peanut butter jars without sugar or any other kinds of additives.



Peanut butter will always give you a very quick burst of energy when consumed, and it’s easy to store as well. If you also store flour, you can make your own bread, and thus make your own peanut butter sandwiches in a disaster!

White Rice


The last survival food we will talk about is white rice. Avoid brown rice as it does not store nearly as long as white rice (which can last you for up to three decades).



White rice is cheap, it’s easy to store, it’s easy to cook, and it’s filled with carbohydrate. It’s a great addition to virtually any meal whether it be a side dish, a soup, or even a primary meal on its own.


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