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Lava bursting into the air from the Fagradalsfjall volcano

Incredible Photos of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Erupting in Iceland

Clare Fitzgerald

The Fagradalsfjall volcano, on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, erupted on December 18, 2023, after weeks of seismic activity. The eruption, which local authorities were prepared for,…

Aerial view of Mount Vesuvius + Hand holding an iPhone

US Tourist Falls Into Mount Vesuvius Crater – and Lives to Tell the Tale

Clare Fitzgerald

A 23-year-old tourist from Baltimore, Maryland was rescued after falling into the crater at Mount Vesuvius, in Italy, over the weekend of July 9-10, 2022.…

Base of a redwood tree

Visitors to the World’s Tallest Living Tree Could Face Fine, Jail Time

Clare Fitzgerald

Located deep in the heart of Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) is the world’s tallest old-growth redwood tree. Named Hyperion, its location off the…

Man pulling a white sheet off of the bronze statue of Freya the Walrus

Sculpture Unveiled of Beloved Walrus Euthanized In Norway

Clare Fitzgerald

UPDATE – 05/04/2023: Approximately nine months after Freya the walrus was euthanized in Norway, a life-size sculpture of the 1,300-pound creature has been unveiled in…

She or the Rooster has to Go After Complaints to the Authorities

Doug Williams

Eliza Carthy received a noise complaint in the form of a letter from her local council about Lady, her rowdy rooster. The noise complaint was…

Paracord bracelet

Don’t Leave Home Without One Of These Paracords In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Toughness

Those in the military have long known about the incredible utility of parachute cords or paracords. While they were initially just used in parachute suspension…

Medieval “Ghost Village” That’s Been Underwater Since 1947 Could Reappear

Doug Williams

In 1946, in the Lucca Province of Tuscany, Italy a new dam was constructed and a new artificial lake, Lake Vagli, was created.  At the…

Laid Back Fox ‘Collects’ 100 Shoes in Berlin

Doug Williams

People who are obsessed with shoes suffer from Shoe Obsession Disorder and it is a real thing.  Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the…

An Incredible Artifacts From Lost Viking ‘highway’ Revealed by Melting Ice

The finds tell a remarkable story of high-altitude travel and long distance exchange c. 300 – 1500 AD with a peak in usage c. 1000…

Where are the Missing Great White Sharks?

Paul Pinkerton

Where are all the Great White sharks in South Africa? It’s a question that’s been preoccupying locals and shark spotters worldwide. Swimmers and surfers are…